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Hemorrhoids after childbirth: the causes, symptoms, treatment


Causes of hemorrhoids after childbirth. Symptoms of hemorrhoids. Diagnosis of the disease. How to treat hemorrhoids. Medicines. Physical Education. Folk remedies. Prevention

One of the most common problemsPregnancy is a hemorrhoids, often arising after childbirth. This topic is very relevant, as the disease is quite unpleasant, causes discomfort and becomes a real problem for a normal lifestyle. Moreover, not every woman knows how to treat it and what means to use.

Hemorrhoids after childbirth: the causes, symptoms, treatmentIn medicine, hemorrhoids are called venous pathologyA system that manifests itself as knotty dilations of the blood vessels in the lower part of the rectum. These formations are called hemorrhoids.

The causes of the disease

The appearance of the disease affects all those factors that contribute to stagnation and increased pressure in the veins:

  • Low physical activity;
  • Congenital anomalies of the venous wall;
  • Obesity;
  • Frequent constipation;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Systematic intake of a number of medications, for example, hormonal contraceptives.

Hemorrhoids after childbirth are often formedLong before this time. The fact is that during pregnancy there is constantly increased intra-abdominal pressure, stagnant phenomena in the small pelvis. During the very process of labor with labor, the pressure on the walls of the vessels increases significantly, which leads to the formation of nodes. In place of localization, the latter are divided into internal and external.

Internal hemorrhoids are characterized by nodes,Located behind the anal sphincter. They can not be seen, but they often lead to bleeding. As a result, posthemorrhagic anemia develops - a dangerous condition for a woman's health.

The nodes of the external hemorrhoids are clearly visibleWith the naked eye, that is available for inspection. They are palpated as rounded and small formations up to 1.5 cm in diameter. Often arise as a ring around the anus.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids arising after childbirth

The disease that arose as a result of pregnancy and childbirth, like other forms, can be acute and chronic.

The acute form develops very quickly. First there is an itch, a burning sensation and a feeling of heat in the anus. These symptoms are exacerbated by defecation due to mucosal trauma, intense pain occurs after the bowel has been emptied.

Soreness leads to a prolonged delayStool, which aggravates the course of the disease. Nodes are constantly increasing in size, with nearby tissues blushing and swelling. Painful sensations acquire a permanent character and disturb even in a state of rest, intensify in a sitting position and with movements.

Swelling continues to spread to soft tissues, whichLeads to a delay in urination. The most frequent complications of the acute form of the disease is necrosis of soft tissues, hemorrhoidal bleeding, acute tissue inflammation (paraproctitis), cracks.

The chronic form is not lessDanger, as the symptoms of the disease develop slowly and unnoticed for the patient. Sometimes, after the bowel has been emptied, burning and itching in the anus can occur.

Pains appear periodically, are unstableCharacter and disappear indefinitely. In the future, blood begins to flow from the rectum after defecation. It is worth noting that during pregnancy such complaints are usually absent, but after the birth of a child they appear.

This is due to the fact that during the birthThe fetal head squeezes the tissues of the small pelvis, the venous outflow is disturbed, and the pressure rises sharply. These factors lead to pathologies of the venous vessels of the rectum.

In the absence of treatment, the internal nodes periodically fall out of the rectum. At first, this happens only during defecation, while they themselves reset back.

In the future, this is possible with the lifting of weights,But then they do not take their place on their own, but only with the help. In complex cases, they may not be corrected at all. Then develops necrosis and severe bleeding.

Methods for diagnosing hemorrhoids

It is often not possible to identify a diseaseDifficulties. It can be detected by a local examination of the anus. To detect internal nodes, apply a finger internal examination of the rectum. This procedure will determine their size and quantity.

Also used is a sigmoidoscopy - an endoscopic examination, and an irrigoscopy - an x-ray with a contrast substance.

How to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth

Hemorrhoids after childbirth: the causes, symptoms, treatmentThis pathology often develops inPostpartum period, therefore it is necessary to get acquainted with its symptoms and signs in order to prevent progression. Treatment of hemorrhoids is necessary regardless of the stage of the disease. It will get rid of pain and other unpleasant phenomena.

Also, therapy is needed for preventionThe development of complications that pose a great danger to health. Before starting treatment, the doctor chooses the appropriate tactics. The disease can not be conquered using only one remedy.

Regardless of the form of hemorrhoids, treatment should be comprehensive, that is, include both medicines, and special exercises, and folk remedies.

What you need to do to prevent the progression of pathology:

  • Do not push yourself during the emptying of the intestine;
  • Prevent the appearance of constipation;
  • To include in the daily menu vegetables and fruits,Which are rich in pectin substances, lean meat and fish, bread and baked goods from wholemeal flour and with bran, prunes and dried apricots, natural honey bees;
  • To exclude from a diet cabbage, black bread, legumes, that is all products promoting gazoobrazovaniju. It is advisable to limit the use of seasonings and spices;
  • For constipation, use mild laxatives;
  • Strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene. After each trip to the toilet, wash with cool water.

Special exercises

Possible physical exertion should beAn integral part of life. They are necessary to prevent the development of blood stagnation in the venous vessels of the small pelvis. It is recommended to walk outdoors daily. During this time, you need to pass at least 1.5 km at a normal pace.

The doctor can also send to the LFK. The complex of exercises in this case is also aimed at normalizing blood circulation in the problem area. Show how to properly perform the exercises should the instructor, then you can do them yourself at home.

Treatment with medicines

Remedy for hemorrhoids, which arose after childbirth can belong to a group of laxatives, laxatives, improving blood circulation. For topical use, ointments and suppositories are recommended.

Folk recipes to fight the disease

In folk medicine there are methods of both internal,And for external use. In the latter case, mostly enemas based on blueberry fruits are used. Sitting baths are recommended with onion broth and alum, or chestnut seed and chamomile inflorescences.

If the external hemorrhoidal nodes stronglyThey are lubricated with ichthyol, cocoa butter, candied honey. Also put candles from hemorrhoids after giving birth from natural products, for example, raw potatoes or the same honey.

Inside take infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants, fruit and vegetable juices.

Prevention of the development of the disease

Hemorrhoids after childbirth: the causes, symptoms, treatmentEveryone knows that it is better to warnAilment, rather than then treat it. In a situation with pregnant women, this rule is very important. The future mother, of course, should know about the possible consequences of pregnancy, but it is better to remember the prevention measures and adhere to them. These events are quite simple, but quite effective.

It is necessary to correct your way of life,More precisely physical activity. Walking should be daily. It is also recommended to regularly perform a certain set of exercises that will contribute to strengthening the pelvic muscles and improving blood circulation in this area.

A woman in the period of bearing a child should avoid tight clothes. A diet is recommended for normalization of the intestine and prevention of constipation.

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