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Colic in the child: how to help your child?


Intestinal colic in the child does not bypass any family. The child and parents are tormented and do not sleep at night. How to be? How to quickly calm a baby

There are no such families who have not faced such a problem as intestinal colic in children. Most often, the child's suffering begins later in the evening or at night.

Colic in the child: how to help your child?In such cases, the severity of the problem is felt asNever, after all nobody can fall asleep: the kid suffers from a pain, parents try to calm him, and neighbors hear an eerie cry through a wall. What to do in such moments? There are many ways to calm a child with colic.

Causes of colic

The exact causes of this phenomenon are for certainAre unknown. Colic occurs due to excessive pressure on the walls of the baby's belly accumulated in the gut. Attacks are always sudden and can last several hours. A temporary calm gives Mother a few minutes to rest, but then everything starts anew.

Despite the widespread belief that babies deprived of maternal milk are more prone to this ailment, colic in infants also occur quite often.

Not always the type of food has a determiningInfluence on the duration and intensity of seizures, but also the way it is obtained. When breastfeeding or breastfeeding, it is necessary to ensure that it suits the nipple or nipple well enough. If this is not the case, the baby swallows together with milk the air, which can subsequently cause painful attacks.


The term "Treatment of colic"Implies the alleviation of childish suffering and the conduct of activities that contribute to the early removal of the accumulated in the tummy of the gazik. How can I help my baby with colic?

Very well relaxes the baby feeling of warmth andThe touch of the native person: mother or father. For this, it is necessary to put a small sufferer on his chest or on his knees with his tummy down. Stroking and thigh massage will distract and calm him. An even better effect can be achieved if at this time to sing a lullaby or talk with a baby.

When there is such close contact between children andParents, all the anxieties seem to the kids at all. By the way, it is noticed that father's caress and care much more quickly has a beneficial effect on the children's body.

Not only can parental warmth help. Take a clean diaper and warm it up thoroughly, for example with an iron. Fold and lay it under your belly to your child. And in order not to run every 5 minutes for a new one, sew a bag of salt in the fabric, or even better with flax seeds.

So you can rid yourself of unnecessary hassle. Make such a "Emergency"A diaper in case the children do not go on colic for a long time.

Another one "warm"The way is a relaxing warm bath. You can prepare a baby bath only and give it "Swim"On a sick tummy. At the same time, you need to periodically pat on it with the palm of your hand.

The best option, of course, will be jointA patient's bath and a doctor-a baby and a mother. When the baby is in warm water, and even in contact with her beloved mother, no colic can harm him.

Dancing is able to help the child no less thanWarm water. Take it in your arms and start gently rocking and circling. Keep your baby in a vertical position or put your belly on the palm, holding the head with your hand on the elbow bend. The rhythm of the dance can be anything, but the best tact is that it coincides with the baby's heartbeat in the womb - about 70 beats per minute.

Do not forget that dancing is a move in threePlanes, and, therefore, some wiggles here are indispensable. It is necessary to move the small dancer up and down, back and forth and from side to side. If you are tired of doing this, change the partner. Let Dad take part in it, too.

Continuing the theme of healing propertiesParental touches can be used by another method. Put the crumbs on your back. With your palm, start massaging his tummy, stroking it clockwise. Do this for at least 5 minutes. Thus, the colic in children is alleviated.

Colic in the child: how to help your child?Have you noticed that sometimes when you have somethingIt hurts, and suddenly something interesting starts to happen around or just distracts your attention, are you able to forget about the pain for a while or forget about it altogether?

A similar method can help a child. Show him some interesting new thing, entertain, play with him, sing, dance. In a word, do anything, if only it would interest the child so much that he forgot about his problem with the tummy. Sometimes this method is really the most effective for children.

It is necessary to fight with the main cause of colic in children -Accumulated gases. If nothing helps, there is one old proven method - use a gas pipe. You can buy it in any pharmacy, or you can use a cut child's enema. When the gases come out - the colic will stop.

To speed up the exit of theSimple exercises. Put the baby on your back, grasp the legs in the ankles and bend them in the knees, lifting them to the tummy. Repeat this exercise for several minutes and the baby will soon calm down. A similar action is provided by the exercise "a bike".

Good soothes and at the same time rendersA beneficial effect on the digestive tract of crumbs decoction of dill seeds or chamomile flowers. Brew the grass and drink it with such infusion once every half hour, one tablespoon.

If the above methods failTo help, it is best to contact a pediatric doctor. He can prescribe medications, advise how to help the child. In addition, perhaps the cause of childhood crying may not be colic, but some kind of ailment. Do not risk the health of the dearest for you man. Do not be lazy and go to the children's polyclinic.


What to do when there are colic in children is now clear. But why struggle with the problem, if it can be prevented?

Colic in a child often occur due to the fact thatHe swallows the air together with his mother's milk. It is because of this in the end that the hysterics begin before going to sleep. To reduce the risk of such night concerts after feeding, hold the baby in a vertical position, leaning against the chest and shoulder.

Slightly pat on the back so that he registers that same accumulated air. But this is not enough. Make sure that the baby is eating normally, that is, correctly grasped the chest or nipple.

Colic in the child: how to help your child?Herbal teas are also excellent preventive. Children can drink them not only during bouts of pain, but also throughout the day. They produce a tonic effect, and their properties have a beneficial effect on the child's body as a whole. You need to do them every day and give only fresh infusion.

Colic in infants may occur due to the fact that my mother ate some "wrong"Product, for example, beans, pickled vegetables,Mushrooms, milk or drank mineral water with gas. Follow the diet so that the colic that is so painful for children is not a consequence of your malnutrition.

Regular exercise and exercise before meals are easyAre necessary for frequent colic. If you do exercises not only when there are colic, but just like that every day, the baby learns to walk faster.

Now that the child has colic you know thatDo first. The main rule: in no case can not ignore the problem. Colic, of course, often pass by themselves, but do not leave the crumb alone with the problem.

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