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The child goes on tiptoe - what to do with it?


How and what to help a child who goes on tiptoe? How to determine in time why a child is standing on tiptoe? Tips for parents on every day

Almost all children go through a period ofWhen they begin to learn how to run, jump and walk. This is considered quite natural until three years. If you notice that your baby goes on socks after this age, then this is a serious violation of the health of the crumbs.

Why does the toddler wear socks?

The child goes on tiptoe - what to do with it?For all the movements that a person does, respondsThe nervous system, each part of it is responsible for some one specific motor function. The nervous system is very similar to the pyramid and everything is interconnected in it. If a person started moving and quickly completed it, all this is provided by a pyramidal structure.

There are a number of reasons why a child can walk on a socks:

  • The kid is trying to reach for something;
  • Afraid of something to come;
  • Attracts attention;
  • Imitates someone;
  • Wants to show up and up;
  • Copies someone;
  • He learned to walk in a walker and now he remembers it.

But there are other reasons, which will be discussed below.

Moving on tiptoe, the child runs more often. There is a surplus of unspent energy in it, and therefore it is not corny for him to step on to the full stop. In this case, it is necessary very often and for a long time to be on the street, so that he runs into, and also to drive him into the swimming pool on a swim. Such a kid must constantly be in motion, walk and crawl.

A more serious problem causingTo move the baby on tiptoe, this is infantile cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy). With this disease, he simply can not physically step on a full stop and you will not do anything with this.

There is another reason for walking crumbs on tiptoe -This is an injury during childbirth. The problem is correctable, but it is necessary to call the doctor in time, he will prescribe therapeutic gymnastics and prescribe to wear a special bandage.

Muscular dystonia can often causeStrange walking. It is in many newborn babies, moreover - more than half of babies are born with a deviation in muscle development, while the baby does not stand fully on the leg, but stand on toes.

Another reason for such a gait is pyramidalInsufficiency, that is, activity in the children's nervous system is disrupted. It represents a deviation in the intrauterine development of the baby and in the very process of childbirth.

At children till three months the reflexWalk, but later it disappears, after three months the child starts to press his fingers or stands on tiptoe. This problem is most common, and we'll talk about it in detail.

How to treat pyramidal insufficiency?

The child goes on tiptoe - what to do with it?The doctor prescribes a therapeutic massage, which is done by a professional. With this massage, muscles are strengthened and tonus is removed. This procedure is carried out every six months.

To massage appoint reception of complex vitamins and medicines, prescribe to be engaged in swimming, gymnastics, to go on a pebble and sand.

Parents need to do every day the child the following exercises:

  • In the hand to take the leg of the crumb and to drive the thumb along the sole of the crumb, how to draw the number 8;
  • Knead the calf muscle with two fingers on the pedicel;
  • You need to buy a ball for fitball, put the kid on it and roll the ball straight and back, and the kid should be full stop on it and sort out legs.

If you want to know or your child goes toSocks, you need to hold the baby's armpits above the table and lower so that the legs touch the surface of the table and slightly tilt forward. If the child began to touch legs, dropping completely the feet on the table, then his nervous system is well developed, but if he steps on tiptoe, it is necessary to see the doctor.

If your baby, in addition to walking on socksShows other restless symptoms, such as casting a head, arching the body, restlessly asleep at night and anxious during the day, it is most likely that the child has neurological abnormalities.

If your baby is healthy and growing in age, thenYou do not need to make a tragedy out of it, but if the child continues to walk on toes at 4 and 5 years, then it is necessary to consult a doctor.

How should parents act if they have a baby on toes?

First you need to take the baby to the hospital to the children's neurologist, only he will determine the cause of the problem and find its solution.

If the doctor diagnosed a violation of toneMuscles, he will prescribe swimming and massage to the child, who goes on tiptoe, and also it will be necessary to do regular exercises. Still need to gently tell the kid his gait, encourage him to ensure that he himself learned to walk correctly.

If the kid in the process of learning is walking on tiptoe, then you must abandon the walker.

How does a little girl learn to walk?

To begin with, the kid is standing, though staggering and clutching at the support. The main thing at this moment is to support him and not let the baby fall so that he does not get scared and does not hit.

Since 9 months the child has already startedMove around, holding on to walls or some improvised means. Parents need to help the child, we need to hold a toy at a distance so that he steps a couple of times.

If the child, having made a step, falls, then it must be picked up gently and does not scream, so as not to frighten him. Choose comfortable shoes, it should be stable, easy, do not press and do not slide.

If one-year-old child is walking on tiptoe, thenThere is nothing terrible in this - probably, he learns walking so much, but if he always walks this way, then it is necessary to go to the pediatrician and neurologist, since the crumb develops hypertonic muscles.

Why does a child stand on tiptoe?

A lot of kids stand on tiptoe - it's thereA sign of muscular dystonia. It is dangerous because in the future the crumb can have a wrong posture, clubfoot, abnormal gait, torticollis, as well as a delay in the formation of motor skills: head restraint, coups, sitting, walking and crawling.

Often happens, that the child rises on носочки,And when walking it rests not on the full foot, but sometimes the child runs on tiptoe even in orthopedic shoes. To tighten with it it is not necessary it is necessary to address to the doctor.

Errors that should not be allowed in treatment

The child goes on tiptoe - what to do with it?Inactivity of parents. Most parents, when they see how their child is on their heels, think that he will go further on himself and therefore do not prolong treatment.

But the pathological tone remains not depressed, but this is a high risk that the baby will again walk on tiptoe.

Not worked out often remains and stepAlgorithm, even if the baby is already on his heels. Initially, it is seen that the crumb goes right, and when accelerated, it rises on tiptoe. In this case, you can not quit the treatment, because everything can go back and again have to undergo a complicated treatment.

Even if your child goes on tiptoe - then this is fixable the most important thing in time will turn to a specialist. He will definitely help you, calm down and put the crumb on full foot!

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