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The syndrome of hyperactivity - how to recognize and what to do with it?


How and what to help a hyperactive child? How to detect hyperactivity in time and not confuse it with increased mobility of the baby? Tips for parents on every day

Under the notion of hyperactivity is often understoodA condition in which excitability and high activity exceed the norm. This is a sign of a disorder and a weak nervous system of crumbs, determined by the difficulty of concentration, retention of attention, immense activity and impulsiveness.

Causes and symptoms

The syndrome of hyperactivity - how to recognize and what to do with it?There are many opinions about the causes of hyperactivity in children, namely:

  • Trauma at birth - this is the stimulation of childbirth, umbilical cord entanglement, prolonged labor, cesarean, prematurity;
  • heredity;
  • Biological deviation: trauma at birth and damage during pregnancy of the crumbs;
  • Socio-psychological: improper parenting, alcoholism living conditions;

A hyperactive child is different from an active,So that he is absent-minded, inattentive, can not sit still, talks very fast, skips words, constantly jumps, runs around, disrespects to the end of the word - immediately answers, his hands all the time, something is broken, touched, abandoned.

By nature, this baby is oftenChanges in mood, he is stubborn, aggressive, quick-tempered, sloppy and undisciplined. But despite the continuous movement in which the crumb is located, he has impaired coordination: he breaks his toys, constantly falls, drops objects, clumsily and clumsily.

He constantly walks in cones, bruises and scratches,But he does not make any conclusions from the incidents, so he stuffs cones again. Such a kid can not relax during the day, does not sleep, calmness comes only during sleep.

The kid can not sit still in place, fidgets, grasps objects, this is a sign of the syndrome.

What should parents do?

To the hyperactive kid treatment is not necessary, it is necessaryJust free him from unnecessary activity. It is necessary to create a clear regime of the day with long walks on the street. Important and calm situation in the family. You do not need to scold crumbs, shout at him, punish, this can reduce self-esteem, so he will think that he is wrong.

You should teach him to control himself,Control emotions and how to behave in different situations. Also it is necessary to praise the child in each case, emphasize his successes, speak with him calmly and gently, protect the crumb from fatigue.

To treat hyperactivity, children need:

  • Charging in the morning;
  • Games are mobile and long;
  • physical exercises;
  • Massages.

The successful treatment of hyperactivity depends on early diagnosis. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a psychologist and neuropathologist with the first symptoms and not delay.

How to distinguish a moving child from hyperactive?

The syndrome of hyperactivity - how to recognize and what to do with it?The syndrome of hyperactivity in children occurs at an early age. These kids have a high muscle tone, they are sensitive and irritable to light, noise, cry a lot, eat little and sleep.

By 3-4 years old they are unable to do anything,Can not play games and do not listen to fairy tales. A child with hyperactivity has symptoms such as headaches, exhaustion and fatigue.

Sometimes very simple children can be very active.

The syndrome of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in the behavior of children is characterized by the following manifestations:

  • Sitting on a chair, he wriggles, writhes, and can not remain in one position;
  • Can not wait for his turn, playing games, and also in various situations he is impatient and swinging;
  • Passes from one case to another, not having completed what has been started;
  • The questions are answered without hesitation, interrupts, not listening to the end;
  • Often loses things;
  • The kid can not understand what is possible and what can not be done;
  • Poorly eats;
  • He is characterized by small movements, that is, he jerks his legs, twists his hands;
  • Can not decide on something;
  • Often the mood is fluctuating, then he cries, then laughs;
  • His self-esteem is lowered;
  • Conflicts with peers.

If these symptoms of hyperactivity are observed in children for 6 months, then it is necessary to consult a neurologist.

Children with hyperactive syndrome often conflict with peers, they do not concede, do not find a common language with other children.

Sometimes these children can be confused with choleric. But you can still distinguish them: interest the child with something, and let him sit on the spot for ten minutes and be distracted only when he is very tired. If he is able to fulfill this condition - you just have a temperamental kid, if not - hurry to a specialist, because, most likely, you have a hyperactive baby.

Attention Deficit Syndrome

Hyperactivity in children is often a companionWith attention deficit disorder. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition of a child that causes impulsivity, mental abnormality, inattention and activity.

Attention deficit symptoms are as follows:

  • A crumb can not concentrate on a certain object for more than 5 minutes;
  • He does not listen when others tell him;
  • Easily distracted;
  • Rasserivaet their stuff and often forgets everything.

Among the hyperactive children to date, boys are more than half that of girls.

Some moms believe that their baby will outgrowThis problem, everything changes with age, but it's not. About 70% of children continue to show hyperactivity, 48% deal with the police, often become participants in fights, fight and mock others, not everyone can finish high school and get a profession.

Children with ADHD can be gifted, that is, they are characterized in an unusual way, they can have a common and good intellect, but they completely interfere with developmental disabilities.

Treatment of ailment

Recommendations for parents about the treatment of a baby with hyperactivity:

  • It is necessary to consult a doctor with a psychiatrist for advice;
  • To observe order in house rules and in measures of punishments;
  • To restrain their emotions, so that the baby does not see irritation;
  • If he behaves well, then praise him;
  • Watch your speech, with the child, you must speak slowly and clearly;
  • Less talk to him "Can not";
  • Make a daily schedule;
  • Do not scold the crumb;
  • Borrow it with games, for example, puzzle folding, knitting, drawing, beading and modeling;
  • In the games let there be one or two participants, so that there is no overexcitement;
  • For calmness, lead him to swimming or gymnastics;
  • Let him play one toy, if he wants another, then the first one must be picked up.

The syndrome of hyperactivity - how to recognize and what to do with it?

Feature of mental activityHyperactivity of children is a cyclicity. Here the brain works fruitfully from 5 minutes to 15 minutes, and the next 7 minutes, accumulates energy for the next cycle. In these moments, the crumb seems to fall through nowhere and may not remember anything that happened.

To be conscious they need to supportVestibular apparatus in the activity-constantly spinning, moving, turning your head, and if they are still, then the level of brain activity decreases.

In order to conduct treatment of a child with ADHD,It is necessary to unite the efforts of both parents and doctors. The main treatments for ADHD are stimulants (for example, Dexedrine, Ritalin), they reduce hyperactivity, but the doctor must choose the dosage, observing side effects.

Parents can teach the child to control their behavior. In his room should be only those things that are needed. It is necessary to support the crumb in all his hobbies.

Once again, we recall that the timely application forHelp to specialists increases the possibility of a positive outcome of the disease. Do not engage in self-medication, so you will only lose precious time! Calm your patience!

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