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Sedatives for children


Is it safe to use a sedative in children? What sedatives fit babies? What to consider when choosing a sedative for your child

Recently, the problem of excessive loads onThe immature nervous system of children becomes more urgent. This is mainly due to the increase in the pace of life, the receipt of a huge amount of new information from outside, as well as the increase in the number of diseases in parents, especially in mothers during pregnancy and its planning.

Sedatives for children

Modern children develop quickly and veryActively, this leads to an overexcitement of the nervous system. Children can not cope with heavy loads, which externally manifests itself in the form of hysteria, crying, violation of the regime of the day, inadequate behavior.

In all such cases, it is required to show crumbs to a neurologist to determine the causes of behavioral disorders, to address the issue of correcting the daily regimen, loading doses and the possible application Sedatives.

When the behavior problems described above arise, parents often ask a doctor for Sedatives for children. This is an incorrect step, since overexcitation, violation of sleep and regime are often banal pedagogical deficiencies. Pay attention, whether the child is overtired, in "its" time you are trying to put him to sleep.

If the regime of the day is built correctly for the baby, and the external or internal traumatic factors do not act on his psyche, then the neurologist should be consulted. The doctor will determine which Sedatives Fit your baby.

Even baths with herbs or teas based onSoothing fees can affect the baby's body much more than you expect, so before using, carefully study the composition of the product, the side effects, do not neglect the dosage accuracy.


First of all, babies with increasedExcitability recommended trays with herbs that have a calming effect. You can apply: coniferous, lavender, desert, valerian, mint, nettle bath.

Such herbal collections are allowed to useAlmost immediately after birth. They soothe the child well, gently affect its nervous system and sleep. Of course, to bathe in such baths of the kid it is necessary in the evening, before a dream.

All herbs can be purchased at pharmacies or procured independently. Children under one year are advised not to use herbal preparations, it is desirable that the bathrooms are single-component.

After a year, the composition of the herbs can be expanded, noticeableEffect has a collection of Valerian root, Melissa leaves, Leonurus herb and string. Infusion of herbs should be prepared in advance, in a concentrated form, and then add to the baby bath.

Examples of herbal dues:

  1. Soothing collection number 2: sporish, grass motherwort. Mix all components in a 1: 1 ratio. Then take 3 tablespoons of the mixture and pour half a liter of boiling water. Insists up to 45 minutes. After this, the broth is set and diluted with 10 liters of ordinary water. The bathing session lasts 15 minutes, and the course is equal to 10 days;
  2. A one-component decoction from aWell suited to irritable children who sleep badly. Brew 5 tablespoons of dry grass of this plant with a liter of boiling water. Let it last for half an hour, then strain it and add before bathing in a baby bath;
  3. Effective Soothing herb collection: Oregano, mint, flowers of calendula. All components take 50 grams. A mixture of herbs pour 3 liters of boiling water and let stand for half an hour. The filtered infusion is added to the tub for 10 liters of water. It is desirable that the bathing time in such a bath does not exceed 10 minutes. Repeat the procedure 3 times a week, 6-7 swimming only.

What are the soothing soft remedies for newborns?

Among the remedies that sootheNervous system of infants, sea salt is used. It is used in children's practice from an early age and has almost no contraindications. In addition to soothing effect, sea salt tones up, eliminates irritations.

Sedatives for childrenIn addition, sea salt transfers a baby iodine, a lot of trace elements, so it is often prescribed with a fortifying purpose.

In newborns with disturbed psyche, often inAnamnesis has birth trauma, manifestations of rickets, convulsive syndrome, so sea baths are often prescribed by neurologists as a complex therapy.

If the baths are prescribed with salt fortifiedAnd the preventive purpose, the dosage of salt is 2-5 grams per liter of water. Large concentrations are already prescribed for medical purposes: this is an average dosage (5-15 g / l.), High dosage (15-30 g / l.).

The temperature for bathing in the sea bath is not higher than 37-38 degrees, the time is up to 15 minutes.

If a high concentration of salt was used, then after bathing the child should be rinsed with running water to wash off the salt.

In the pharmacy chain, sea salt is sold with variousAdditives, usually it is the oils of medicinal plants. For newborns with increased excitability, you can take salt with lavender, mint, and with rashes - with chamomile and string.

Preparations with sedative effect

Medicines for young children for the internalApplications are prescribed in case of a history of stress, severe psychological trauma, problems from the nervous system. Medications, even on the basis of herbs, are taken only after the doctor's recommendation.

In rare cases, drugs based onBromine. They regulate two mutually opposite processes in the nervous system: excitation and inhibition. The drugs of this group have only one drawback, but it is significant - they gradually accumulate in the body, can eventually cause intoxication.

The baby, who received bromide preparations, will soon react with signs of suppressing excitability (apathy, drowsiness, memory loss). Less often there is an allergic rash.

What sedatives can I use for infants?

More suitable for use in children's practice is any children's remedy based on valerian. They do not have a toxic effect, they do not accumulate in the tissues of the body.

It is especially good to use them for the treatment of neuroses, concomitant cardiovascular pathology and spasms of the muscular apparatus of the intestine, since valerian has an antispasmodic property.

Sedatives for children

Of drugs often appointed Dormikind, Tenoten. The latter removes the increased excitability caused by stress or overstrain of the body's defenses.

From an early age, you can use baby softSoothing agent "Bayu-Bai", which has a complex soothing, spasmolytic, restorative effect. Slightly expressed anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Due to the complex action, the drugAble to restore all phases of child's sleep, normalize the morning emotional and motor activity of children. Gradually, children disappear hysterics and irritability, increases efficiency and mood, improves overall health.

For older children (from 5-6 years), you canApply synthetic and herbal preparations. From medicinal and prophylactic drugs, the herb of the motherwort, tincture from the herb of the motherwort, valoserdine, corvalol, valocordin are prescribed.

Among the pharmaceuticals the most effective combination drugs are: Persen-forte, Sanosan, Nervoflux, Novo-Passit.

Parents should remember that any drugs, even of plant origin, can not be prescribed on their own, since they can cause a lot of side effects.

It should start with establishing the right regime, regular walks, herbal baths. Often this is enough to make your child's hysteria and behavior problems stop.

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