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Hoarse voice of a child: how to cope with the problem


The child's hoarse voice is a common problem that every mother, perhaps, faces. In order not to cause complications, it is necessary to move on to treatment in time

Young moms often notice that the baby has an ospusVoice, although there is no apparent reason for this. The problem can arise both in a month old and in an adult child. In some cases this is in no way associated with a cold and appears, most likely, because of the habit of vocal cords to new life conditions. But also it can be a symptom of the development of a serious disease.

Hoarse voice of a child: how to cope with the problemBecause the health of the child is very important, do notIt is worthwhile to diagnose and treat yourself. If you notice any changes in the voice of your child, go to the doctor. A husky voice in a child can be the result of a prolonged load, for example, after screaming or singing.

The child's respiratory system is different from the adult and when the bacteria get inside, they immediately hit the larynx. Therefore, many diseases of the respiratory system are accompanied by a hoarse voice.

Why does the child have a hoarse voice?

This problem can occur in the baby for various reasons, since everything depends on the individuality of the organism. Although among all you can identify the most common reasons.

Prolonged scream. Quite often, especially young parents leave a crying child, because they believe that, thus, they accustom him to independence. A prolonged cry leads to the fact that the child breaks the voice.

Tracheitis. This disease is an inflammation of the mucosa of the trachea. The main reasons: cooling or infectious disease. It can take place in an acute and chronic form, and also there is an allergic tracheitis.

Colds. This is the most common cause of a child's hoarse voice. As we have already said, the body of each person is individual, and someone loves warmth, and others are cold. Many parents try to temper the baby and often ventilate the room, which leads to the occurrence of respiratory diseases.

If the child is still sick, then be sure to visit the doctor, maintain the necessary temperature in the house and do not let him cry, as the cry will finally disrupt the voice.

Laryngitis. This disease is an inflammation of the laryngeal mucosa.

There are several types:

  • Catarrh of laryngitis causes not only hoarseness, but also perspiration in the throat, and cough. This option is considered the easiest form of the disease;
  • Hypertrophic laryngitis has the sameSigns, but they are more pronounced, and small sprouting can also occur. If you find a fever and a hoarse voice in a child, be sure to see a doctor;
  • Children 6-8 years of age can developA special form of laryngitis, which is called a false croup. The attacks of the disease occur unexpectedly and most often at night. Breathing becomes difficult, there is hoarseness and a strong cough, and also the lips turn blue. The temperature, if it rises, is quite insignificant. If a symptom of this disease is found, it is necessary to urgently call an ambulance and give the child a warm drink;
  • The most dangerous for the baby is acute laryngitis. The child will have a cough in addition to a hoarse voice. In addition, there is swelling of the larynx, which makes breathing difficult and without medical help, everything can end with death due to suffocation. If you notice Baby hoarse voice, Barking cough, loud breath, as well as signs that the baby does not have enough air, call for an ambulance.

Most often laryngitis occurs in the off-season, when there are strong changes in temperature and humidity.

Other causes of hoarseness of the voice in the infant:

  • Hoarse voice of a child: how to cope with the problemLesions of the larynx. Swelling of the vocal cords may result from an accidental stroke on the anterior or anterolateral surface of the neck. In this case, the baby needs urgent hospitalization;
  • If an alien object entered the throat, thenFirst, hoarseness may occur, but it can also lead to an overlap of the airways, which will result in death. In this case, there may be a cough, a discoloration of the skin and even a loss of consciousness.

What is needed to treat a child's hoarse voice?

In general, all the treatment that is offered in thisCase, can be divided into home and drug. The first thing to do if you have a child with a throat problem is to give him a warm drink, and you need to do it often.

Give preference to herbal tea, for example,Based on chamomile, lime flowers or pine buds. Such drinks kid should drink at least 5 times a day. By the way, instead of sugar it is recommended to add honey.

If the reason why the hoarse voice is a cold andLaryngitis, then give him a warm milk, in which you need to add a pinch of soda and 1 teaspoon of butter. Be sure to note that for sore throats are not recommended high temperature changes, so the liquid should not be hot.

When a hoarse voice is found in a monthThe child because of screaming, the treatment will consist in the fact that it needs to be applied more often to the chest and give a lot of drinking. Pay more attention to the baby, do not let him scream.

Treatment of this disease can be carried out atAid of inhalations. Due to the fact that the flow of warm air, saturated with therapeutic essential oils, envelops ligaments, irritation disappears and inflammation passes.

For the treatment of respiratory problemsIt is recommended to use the oil of eucalyptus, calendula, St. John's wort, etc. If the child is small and can not do inhalations, choose a useful bath for treatment, in which it is necessary to put sea salt with essential oil.

When a hoarse voice is detected in the breastChild, it can be held over the steam, but not for long, as this can lead to a burn. To bathe an adult child in such a bath is possible only if it does not have temperature.

As for drug treatment, itWill be based on the results of the inspection. When the disease is discovered, the doctor can prescribe antibiotics and antimicrobials, but this is done only if there is a bactericidal infection. In other cases, symptomatic therapy is prescribed.

For children with fever, they are most often prescribedDrugs to get rid of inflammation. If there is a pronounced spasm, the doctor prescribes bronchodilators. It is allowed to use drugs, which include vitamins, minerals and drugs that strengthen immunity and increase the protective functions of the body.

Important tips:

  • When a hoarse voice is detected, the child does not haveAllow him to talk a lot, since it strains the ligaments even more, which will only exacerbate the problem. If this is not possible, watch, at least so that the baby does not shout and do not whisper;
  • It is recommended at this time to correctDiet. Do not give salt, spicy and heavy food. Also, exclude heavily hot and cold dishes, as we have previously said that temperature changes are harmful to the voice. It is recommended to eat chicken broths. By the way, this advice has scientific confirmation;
  • Hoarse voice of a child: how to cope with the problemUse humidifiers at least in the roomIn a child, since dry air is especially harmful when there is such a disease. Also, do wet cleaning regularly. All this will help to remove germs;
  • It is not recommended to use rinses, although many people think that it is, on the contrary, useful. The liquid does not reach the ligaments and leads to a more tight clamping and swelling increase.

summing up

As you can see, a hoarse voice can be a symptom of a serious illness, so do not think that the problem will disappear by itself.

It is very important to consult a doctor in time to identify the disease and get recommendations for treatment. Thanks to this you will be able to cure your baby in a short time without any complications.

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