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Herring for nursing mothers: can or can not


Quite often when you are breastfeeding a child, you suddenly want something special. And today we will look at the possibility of using young mummy during lactation herring

Any mother wants to see her baby healthy. And for this you need to start taking care of his future well-being even from the diapers. And in this case, the right nutrition is the key. After all, if your baby is constantly suffering from allergies, then what kind of health can you talk about. But to think only about the child is not enough.

Herring for nursing mothers: can or can notAfter all, in the first few months, your babyFeeds only on breast milk. So, he, one way or another, will try everything that you decide to eat. It is for this reason, young mothers should stick to a certain diet. And today we will consider the possibility of eating herring.

First of all, it is worth noting that in the firstMonths after birth, the baby and mother share one microflora. And this means that products that are not suitable for some reasons for the mother's body, most often cause a very strong allergic reaction in the child.

Is it possible to eat herring for nursing mothers

Before you and I will look for the answer to thisQuestion, let's find out what is so useful for this type of fish for our body. Judging by the research of scientists around the world, such a fish is very useful for our cardiovascular and nervous system.

Also in its meat contains a huge amountAll kinds of vitamins and minerals that are simply necessary to maintain our health. For all its usefulness, this product is low-calorie. So girls who want to lose weight can not worry about their figure.

But with all the indisputable advantages, one can single outOne huge minus: herring can cause allergies. So before you eat such a fish, you should make sure that such a delicacy does not represent any threat to life.

Is it possible to feed the herring: the possible reaction of the baby

As you already understood, Mom's food has the mostA direct relation to the well-being of the baby. And in the presence of allergies - the appearance of small problems with a stool and small rashes - this is the least that can happen. Therefore, you need to limit your craving for this type of fish in the first few months after delivery.

After breastfeeding has become for youYou can gradually introduce a herring into your diet. It starts with one piece. After this, take a short break and see if there is any negative reaction from the baby. If everything is in order, then in a few days you can eat two pieces.

Salted fish nursing mom: benefit and harm

Despite the fact that the composition of herring is a lotVitamins, there is one minus. You do not want to eat boiled fish. Admit, you are drawn to the salt. And here the main problem arises, because salt is a moisture-retaining substance. A young mother needs to closely monitor her water-salt balance.

And the presence of excess fluid in the body conducts toPuffiness and disruption of the hormonal background, which during the lactation period is absolutely not permissible. It is for this reason that the doctors' conclusions about the possibility of eating herring during breastfeeding are highly controversial.

So let's consider what negative andThe inclusion in the diet of this salted fish can have positive consequences. As an example of the negative consequences, we can cite the already described allergy.

But the improvement can be positiveCardiovascular system and mother and baby. Do not forget about the beneficial effects of meat on this fish and on the thyroid gland, because there is a huge amount of iodine.

Herring for nursing mothers: can or can not

But unfortunately, in the modern world, whenPractically all inexpensive products are made from raw materials of not the best quality, nobody can guarantee the usefulness of any finished product. So be careful with what you buy.

In no case should not eat those foods that cause you the slightest doubt. Remember that in case of something, the stomach will hurt not only you, but your child.

Also, when buying such a fish,Attention to the composition. You are ideal for fresh herring, without any seasonings. It is desirable that it is simply vacuum packed. But if this is not found on the shelves in the supermarket, then it is better to choose the usual packing of herring with vegetable oil.

How often and in what quantities can you eat a herring of young mothers

This issue is also worried by most young peopleMother. The answer to it is quite simple: there are many salted fish you can not, you should limit yourself to two or three pieces twice a week. In this case it would be nice if you bought not ready-made salted fish, but frozen.

First, so you can assess the quality of the fish, carefully considering its scales and meat. Remember that a quality product scales should shine, and meat - be elastic.

Secondly, you can independentlyControl the amount of salt in the dish. So, you will have virtually no problem of puffiness, because you can add salt very little. But then another question arises: how to properly saline herring.

Homemade herring: recipe

If you decide to cook this fish yourself, then you need to carefully study the procedure for pickling.

For cooking you need:

  • Take one fish and carefully clean it from the scales and entrails;
  • Then cut the carcass into several pieces, about a half to two centimeters thick;
  • Now proceed to the marinade. To make it, you need to boil water. Then add some salt, sugar, pepper and vinegar to the hot water. Remember that lactation is not a period of your life when you can treat yourself very salty or spicy. So try to make the marinade softer. Water, together with all the added ingredients, we once again bring to a boil;
  • We put the pieces of fish into a special shape and pour the top with a hot marinade. In the dishes we put one small bay leaf and add a little vegetable oil;
  • We are waiting for the liquid to cool completely and put the fish in the marinade in a cold place for two days.

If you are not sure that there is enough salt and pepper in the fish, you can try the fish dish and add a small amount of salt or pepper during cooking.

The herring under the fur coat for nursing mothers

Herring for nursing mothers: can or can notAfter you marinated the fish itself, you,Most likely, will want to cook with her some dish. And how do we usually prepare a herring? Of course, under the fur coat. And now the question: how to properly prepare this dish for nursing mothers?

After all, the classic recipe uses mayonnaise. But the shop refueling is definitely not made from natural products, which means that a priori it is harmful to the female body during lactation.

And if you decide to do homemade mayonnaise, thenThe dish will turn out to be too high in calories, which is also not useful for you and your baby. So you will have to settle for a herring under a fur coat, dressed with usual not too fatty sour cream.

As you can see, if you really want, then a little bitcan. So do not think you can breastfeed her mother herring or not. In any case, the opinion of doctors on this subject is too different. Therefore, we advise you to focus on your own feelings and the state of your baby.

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