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Feeding a newborn at a Glance


A newborn need a certain amount of milk a day. Learn how to calculate the right amount of food for crumbs. When the child should lure

The first thing to do after birthThe child is to attach it to the chest. Approximately 15-20 minutes after the birth, the baby begins to look for my mother's breast. It is very important to help him in this difficult matter and give the breast, put it directly into the mouth.

Feeding a newborn at a GlanceAt first, a newborn can not understand howCorrectly sucking the breast and will lose the nipple, then you need to put it back in his mouth. After about an hour the baby will begin to show concern again - it's time to offer him a second breast.

Further feeding should beDemand crumbs. How much you need a baby food, he also decides for himself. If the child is calm, sleeps well, grows up, grows, then there is enough food for him. If the kid is naughty, while his tests are in order, there is no temperature, he is not pushing, the gazik does not go away, most likely, the baby is hungry.

How much should the newborn eat

If a child is breastfed, he eats,Calm and healthy, then worried about whether he lacks milk is not necessary. At the kid the stomach volume in the first days very small, and he eats exactly as much as he wants. If the infant demonstrates by his behavior that he is hungry, it is necessary to find out how much the child eats and compare this amount with the accepted norms.

How many children should eat milk, you can calculate in several ways:

  • According to the recommendations of neonatologists in the firstTen days of life, a baby should consume as much as one gram of milk at one meal, how many days it is multiplied by 10. That is, on the second day of life, once a baby needs to eat about 20 grams, on the fifth day - 50 grams;
  • From the 11th day to the age of six weeks,The amount of milk needed by a baby per day is calculated by its body weight. To do this, the baby's weight in grams is divided into five. That is, if the baby weighs 4200 grams, then for a day it should eat 4200/5 = 840 g of milk. This amount should be divided into 10-12 feedings for the baby and 8-10 feedings for the artificial man;
  • Calculation of the daily norm of the mixture for crumbs can beMake using the formula Scale: 800-50 (8-N), N - a number that indicates how many weeks the baby. According to this formula, a month-old child needs to consume 800-50 (8-1) = 450 grams of milk per day;
  • One liter of breast milk contains 700 kcal. In the first three months of life, the infant should receive 125 kcal per kilogram of weight per day. For example, if the crumb weighs 3.8 kg, then you need 125? 8 = 475 kcal per day. In order to find out how much this is in milliliters, the following calculation should be made: 475-1000: 700 = 678 milliliters, where 1000 is a liter in milliliters;
  • Another way to calculate how muchShould use a mixture of a newborn - the Reich method. According to the formula, the weight of the child should be divided by its height and multiplied by 7. Weight should be taken in grams, growth in centimeters. A baby 55 centimeters tall and weighing 3900 g should be eaten per day: 3900/55? 7 = 496 grams of milk or a mixture.

Naturally, all these norms do not need to be observed thoroughly. However, if the baby is malnourished, it is worth trying to approach these figures.

How to calculate how much the baby ate for one feed

Feeding a newborn at a GlanceTo find out how many grams should be eatenA baby at a time, it must be weighed before feeding and immediately after it. It is best to use children's electronic scales, which have a measurement resolution of 5 g. At the same time, the baby is recommended to weigh naked so that the contents of the diaper do not affect the results.

To get the full picture, you should make measurements several times a day. Sometimes a newborn can at once eat milk quite a bit, and after another, fill this deficiency.

It is easier to calculate the amount of milk eaten with a bottle. It is necessary to express the milk and feed the baby from a spoon or from a bottle.

Why is the child sick?

If the baby eats too little with each feeding,Does not add weight, sleeps a lot, does not want to wake up for feeding, it is worth to see a doctor. Sometimes the cause of the discrepancy between how much a child should eat and how much he eats in fact is an incorrect attachment to the breast or insufficient in time.

A newborn and can, and wants to eat more, butHe just does not work or he does not have time. In this case, before giving the infant a mixture, it is worth consulting with a specialist in breastfeeding and increasing the time of feeding.

It is worth noting that the problem of malnutrition canThere is also a decrease in the amount of milk from my mother. It does not come in equal quantities every time, recessions can be observed to 1.5-2 months. Usually, in such cases, the child does not need a lure, but if the crumb almost ceases to gain weight, then you can give the mixture.

Feeding a newborn at a GlanceHowever, the baby should not be fully translated intoArtificial feeding. He must continue to suck his breast before and after using the mixture, this stimulates lactation. The volume of the mixture, which should be eaten as a complementary food, should not exceed 150 milliliters per day. After the child suffers milk, lure should be excluded.

Nutrition, of course, plays a very important role inLife of a newborn, but do not focus only on this. If the baby is healthy, behaves well, does not cry and does not cry all day long, you do not have to sit with the calculator to find out how much the child takes milk at one meal or per day.

Instead of worrying and winding yourself up on any occasion, it's better to calm down and rest, because a quiet and joyful mother has more milk for her beloved "Voracious»The kid!

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