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How and what to wash the baby's nose: step by step guide for new parents


Runny nose - a fairly common problem kids. Inexperienced parents often do not know how to wash the baby's nose, and holding procedures may not produce the desired effect

Absolutely all parents sooner or later face such an unpleasant problem as nasal congestion At the kid. Runny nose delivers a lot of problems and discomfort, even to us, adults, and the child even more!

How and what to wash the baby's nose: step by step guide for new parentsWhen the spout is blocked, it becomesTearful, restless, poorly eats, and often refuses to eat at all (especially for infants who are breastfed), while swallowing air gets into the stomach, which in turn causes later belching and regurgitation.

As a rule, in such situations, a pediatricianAppoints a child to treatment and recommends washing the baby's nose. But not all mums and dads know how to properly wash the nose of a small child, in order to really alleviate the condition of a small patient and in no case to harm his health.

What is the best way to wash your nose with a child?

Ready-made solution can be purchased at the pharmacy -Good, today the range of domestic and imported drugs is incredibly wide. For example, many experts are convinced that washing the spout with saline (0.9% aqueous sodium chloride solution) is the most effective, safe and affordable remedy. How to properly wash your nose with saline solution to your baby, read below.

However, no less effective are drugs that any mother can easily prepare at home. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Sea water. It can be made in the following way: two teaspoons of sea salt (better than the pharmacy), we dissolve in 200 ml of purified boiled water and let us brew. Prepared properly seawater can safely wash the nose to the child - the substances contained in its composition relieve swelling, disinfect and at the same time do not irritate the mucosa.

Saline solution with iodine. One teaspoon of ordinary rock salt is bred in a glass of warm boiled water, add 2 drops of ordinary iodine and a teaspoon of soda. This solution is similar in chemical composition to natural sea water, and therefore it can be safely injected into the nose even by the infant.

Decoction of medicinal herbs. You can use any: calendula, sage, chamomile, St. John's wort, eucalyptus leaf. In order to properly prepare such a decoction, take 1 tbsp. Spoon any herbs, pour a glass of water, boil, let it brew for 30-40 minutes and strain through gauze.

Also, to enhance the effect, you can addA small pinch of table salt or baking soda. Herbal decoctions do not contain any harmful additives and large particles, and therefore they can be washed with a spout for a child of any age.

However, the parents of allergic children should beCareful with the use of herbs - if your crumb is inclined to allergies, start treatment, dropping a drop of infusion into each nostril, and follow the reaction of the baby. If after two hours no signs of an allergy occur, you can fully flush the baby's nose.

How correctly to wash a nose to the baby? Washing technique

How and what to wash the baby's nose: step by step guide for new parentsMost problems for young, inexperienced parents arise when it comes to babies, because newborn babies have very narrow nasal passages and a tender, vulnerable mucosa.

At once it is necessary to say that to wash the spoutInfants saline solutions should not be more than 5 times a day and longer than 7 days in a row, so as not to destroy the natural barrier of the mucosa. But herbal tinctures and saline can be used more often, without fear of harming the baby.


  • Put the newborn on the back and remove the dried crusts in the nose with cotton wool, lightly moistened in boiled water;
  • Pipet drop 1-2 drops of saline or herbal solution into each nostril;
  • Wait a few minutes for the baby to swallow a liquid in the nasopharynx;
  • Rotational movements again clean the nasal passages, using dry cotton wool.

Important! Cleanse the child's nose better when he is in good spirits: for example, after feeding or walking. Do not forget to encourage the baby for good behavior during "Executions"- Give a new toy or just play and praise.

It is very important to know how to properly wash the nose of a child, because with a cold without this therapeutic procedure can not do.

An exception is the situation when the baby is sickOtitis - in such cases, the lavage of the nasal sinuses and breast, and the older child is strictly not recommended: this can only be done by an experienced doctor or nurse.

How can I wash my nose with a one-year-old child?

The one-year-old and the older son, who is already confidently holding the head and even realizes that after this unpleasant procedure there comes a pleasant relief, it is much easier to wash the nose.

Properly perform washing in the bathroom:

  • Put the baby near the basin, it should be exclusively in the vertical position, tilting the head forward;
  • Clean the spout from visible crusts and mucus with a cotton swab or flagellum;
  • Pre-prepared solution withA small rubber pear with a soft tip or a plastic syringe without a needle enter into the nostril (the mouth of a small patient must be absolutely open): better introduce the liquid gradually, when the baby gets used to and stops being afraid, you can make the jet stronger;
  • Do not let the crumb raise your head, repeat the same procedure with the second nostril.

Washing with saline, herbal infusion or saline solution can be done with a common cold, sinusitis, sinusitis, and also simply for the prevention of colds and ENT diseases.

The amount of solution used: how not to overdo it?

How and what to wash the baby's nose: step by step guide for new parentsSpecial requirements for the number of usedSaline or herbal infusion is not present: at treatment of the kid is more senior than 1 year you safely can use on 4-5 syringes (approximately 150-200) per day for each nostril. For young children, it will be correct to reduce this dose by half or even more.

Well, if you decide to treat a baby with saline, then it can be used without restriction every day throughout the period of embedment.

Note! If the child's nose is laid, it does not always mean that there is slime and it must be washed: sometimes the reason for a baby's malady may be simply inappropriate living conditions.

Look at the indications of the room thermometer andHydrometer - the temperature of the air in the room where the child lives, can not exceed 22-24 ° C, and the humidity should be at least 50%. Do not forget to often ventilate the apartment and humidify the air, especially during the hot summer and the heating season.

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