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Meals after cesarean section


Any surgery involves injecting a special diet. Meals after caesarean section affects the mother and the baby, so it is necessary to know the rules and recommendations in this regard

Birth of a child - is a new responsibility. The mother protects her baby even before his birth. Unfortunately, not always possible to give birth naturally. Then come to the aid of medicine: by Caesarean section the child is removed from the uterus through a small incision.

Meals after cesarean sectionModern approaches in medicine make it possible to carry out such an operation without the terrible cuts on polzhivota. Do mothers remain a small thin scar is practically invisible after the final healing.

Naturally as with any othersurgery, diet before and after delivery by caesarean section involves a special menu. While still in the womb, the child receives all the necessary nutrients from his mother. After the birth of breastfeeding is used most often.

Therefore, special attention should be paid toProducts that feeds pregnant during this period. And as an additional burden on the body and has even surgery, you need to know exactly what, when and in what quantity can be eaten.

Feeding pregnant before caesarean section

To ease the passage of the operation andsubsequent recovery, women need to take some action even for a few days before the procedure. Since Caesarean section performed under general anesthesia, there is a risk of getting food or liquid in the airways.

It was to eliminate such a risk is notit is recommended to eat a few hours before the operation: at least 3, but it is better to abstain from any food 8 hours before the Caesarean. In most cases, a planned caesarean section performed in the morning. Therefore, the best dinner eat a light salad. Do not load up at night, let the body rest.

Before caesarean not advisable to eat food with a high percentage of fiber content. It is necessary to refuse from flour products, beans, cabbage and grapes, dairy products.

Meals after caesarean section

When it came back and the same moment of happiness- The child made his first breath, you need to take care of the future power to both their own and the baby. Of course, breastfeeding is more beneficial for the child, because together with the mother's milk in small organism receives valuable nutrients that can not replace infant formula.

But the first day after the operation it is better not to think about food. About the child will take care physicians, maternity also provide the necessary conditions.

1 day after surgery

The first day is not recommended to eat. All necessary materials will go into the bloodstream through an IV. The body is exhausted, the abdominal part sutured, there may be problems with the intestines in the form of increased gas production. You can drink mineral water without gas, which can be slightly acidify lemon if desired. The amount of fluid you drink per day should not exceed 1.5 liters.

2 days after surgery

Power on the second day after cesarean section It includes a light broth,yogurt or other low-fat products made from milk. With the use of fruits and vegetables is better to wait. But the benefit will be diluted with water fruit drinks, fruit drinks and teas are imperfect.

3 days after the operation

Meals after cesarean sectionOn the third day, the nursing mother can graduallyadministered in the diet of fruit, but when baked, for example, apples. It is recommended children's food intake. The meat is prepared only for a couple of burgers or meatballs. To support the body with calcium can be consumed dairy products.

5 days after surgery

Starting from the fifth day after cesarean, Nutrition breast-feeding mothers shouldbased on the principles of eating healthy food. Every day you can enter only one new product in the diet, so that in case of an allergic reaction in your baby time to reveal the source of the problem.

Eating should be frequent small meals. Gradually, this mode of eating becomes a habit. Within a few weeks, most women return to the usual diet. The only time - it is not recommended to eat food that may be detrimental to the child's health.

This sweet soda, coffee, fast food, sweets withfat cream, chocolate, citrus fruits, and so on. d. Sweet excellent substitute dried apricots or fruit chips. Gradually, you can add nuts menu. With honey need to be careful, because it can cause allergies in the child.

If a child, for whatever reasons, are not fed breast milk, and mixtures thereof, while mom can afford to relax and gradually return to a familiar food for her.

Example menu on the 5th day

The main rule - have small, frequent meals.

This list of products is more like a diet with a healthy diet that will bring a double benefit, because after giving birth to quickly restore an attractive shape and lose the excess:

  • Breakfast: stewed apple compote glass.
  • Second breakfast: dried fruit compote.
  • Lunch: buckwheat, chicken meatballs.
  • Afternoon snack: yogurt.
  • Dinner: chicken soup with a piece of breast, vegetable salad.

Problems after cesarean

Meals after cesarean sectionQuite often, after giving birth by caesareansection occurs in women constipation. This is due to the fact that impaired intestinal motility, besides, many are afraid to strain, so as not to split the seams. Most laxatives are contraindicated for lactating mothers.

Get rid of the problem will help porridge of pearl barleyor buckwheat, fruit and vegetables, as well as liquid food, such as chicken broth. Excellent remedy for constipation - dried apricots and figs. You can also make a salad of grated cooked beets with a vegetable oil. It is necessary to refuse from semolina, rice, pulses, strong tea.

Proper nutrition after cesarean sectionIt will get rid of many problems during rehabilitation, and breast-feeding a baby. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to go to receive healthy food on a regular basis.

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