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What can a child at 4 months of age


A newborn child acquires new skills at each month of development. Physically and mentally, the correct development of a 4-month-old child can be determined by certain characteristics

The fourth month of life - a new degree of developmentNewborn child. During this period you begin to notice how the appearance of the baby changes, it becomes more proportional and harmonious. Moreover, the mental development of the child in 4 months, which is manifested in the behavior of the baby, also becomes noticeable.

Physical development

What can a child at 4 months of ageThe growth rate of a toddler at this age is high, butAre not the same as the first 3 months after the appearance of crumbs into the world. For the fourth month the average baby adds 750 grams of weight, the circumference of the head increases by 15 mm, the circumference of the chest by 20 mm.

The growth of a 4-month-old baby usually grows largerOn 2.5 cm. Children have an active growth of nails and hair, which need regular care. Long nails can cause scratching and micro-injury to the mucous membranes and skin.

The weight of a light baby at four months of age in2 times more than their original weight, the pancreas increases by one and a half times in relation to the first month of life. The liver at this moment weighs about 40-50 grams.

"Spring"Is not yet closed, it does not have bone tissue, butIts size decreases with each month. Playing and caring for the baby, with the "fontanel" you need to be very careful. At the end of 4 months of development of the child, he already confidently holds the head, lying on his stomach.

The motor abilities of children also increase: They are purposefully drawn to the suspended objects and try to capture them, the children's ability to turn over from the back to the stomach is improved. A four-month-old kid is able to react to the voices of his parents, turning their heads in their direction.

Children at 4 months have such skills:

  • They will recognize Mom and Dad;
  • They recognize the voices of familiar people and can distinguish them from strangers;
  • They make certain sounds;
  • Capture a hanging toy with one or two handles;
  • They react to their name;
  • Lying on their back, they raise their shoulders and head;
  • Allocate "Favorite"And"Least loved»Toys;
  • When feeding, support the chest or bottle with handles.

The development of the child 3 and 4 months, despite the slight difference in age, is still significantly different.

What can a child at 4 months of age

Tears and a smile in a crumb are no longer reflexive, butQuite meaningful, children begin to show their emotions. The first 3 months the mood of the baby depends on the desire to attract the attention of adults, now the rapid development of the brain allows him to learn to know the surrounding world, showing interest in it. Now the children can already experience emotions such as fear, experience, disappointment, curiosity and joy.

At 4 months the baby already knows how to make an image of his motherTo associate with pleasant sensations and care. The main task of parents and all loving people is to ensure the harmonious mental, mental and physical development of the baby.

Mental development

A characteristic feature of mental developmentInfant at 4 and 5 months of life is an urgent need for communication. Even if they do not know how to talk, the children try to support the dialogue in every possible way, making various sounds.

The baby already sleeps less, at this time it increasesThe duration of the active period after a day's sleep. Parents can notice how their crumbs willingly go to contact other people who are interested in them.

Psychologists note that for the development of the child in4-5 months, the appearance of short-term memory is characteristic - from 6 to 8 seconds. If you watch four-month-old children, you will notice that they like to make different sounds.

Specialists recommend that parents pay attention to the behavior of the infant, his healthy mental development is indicated by such signs:

  • The little one is interested in his reflection in the mirror;
  • The baby rejoices when he is played;
  • The child demandingly screams, showing his displeasure;
  • To attract attention from adults, he makes various sounds;
  • Enjoys listening to music.

In the mental development of children an important role is played by a calm and healthy sleep. The nervous system of the baby will also be strengthened by walks in the fresh air, in addition, they will make sleep deep, and immunity strong.

Daily regime

If earlier the baby was mostly eating and sleeping, thenThe fourth month of life the infant should be able to walk between feeding and sleeping. This regime of the day contributes to a good appetite and calm sleep of the baby, at this age, he sleeps 2-3 times. Improved and night sleep, it becomes deeper and longer, on average, babies sleep 9-11 hours.

What can a child at 4 months of ageParents themselves determine the time when they putBaby sleep because all children have their own biorhythms. If your baby has become whimsical, he yawns and rubs his eyes, then it's time to put him in the crib. There are also such children, whose fatigue is manifested by excessive emotionality, which is usually unusual for them.

In the cold season with the baby you can walk atTemperature not lower than 10? With, the duration of stay on the street should not exceed 1-1,5 hours. In summer, walking time increases to 2-2.5 hours 2 times a day.

Infants of this age continue to play with large bright toys, the game should also include bags stuffed with various materials, for the development of tactile perception and fine motor skills.

For the healthy development of a 4-month-old baby,And relatives should support his interest in the world around him. You should know that for a crumb, it's important that there is always the same person around him, because only so he will feel support and safety.

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