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The benefits of breast pump breast milk


Who needs to express milk? How can I use expressed breast milk? breast pump breast pump and manual technique. Expressing and storing breast milk

About expressing breast milk after feedingHear and breastfeeding mothers, and women just preparing for the birth of a baby. We will figure out when this process is necessary and how to properly organize it.

To express or not?

The benefits of breast pump breast milkBreastfeeding a baby often brings, in addition to joy, a lot of trouble for the newly mum. Of course, every woman's dream is to feed her child with high-grade milk "own production", Because everyone has heard about the benefits of breast milk for the health of the child.

But the process itself is often accompanied by various difficulties:

  • Milk «Leaves": Comes in waves, then its output is clearly reduced, you have to go to all sorts of tricks and stimulate its appearance;
  • Too much milk, which the child obviously does not need. This creates discomfort - a feeling of raspiraniya, even pain, discomfort with clothing, the need for frequent evacuation of glands;
  • Ragging, cracks in the nipples, mastitis, stagnation in the milk ducts.

If not for these problems, probably, pumpingBreastmilk would be rare among nursing mothers. But it is this tool that can help you control the formation of milk and the state of the nipples, and also make the feeding itself more organized and uniform.

It is individual needs, and notStrict recommendations of doctors should be the main factor, because of which you as a nursing mother will make a decision when it really will need to express breast milk. And to act somehow just because your mom did it makes no sense, because your situation can be very different.

Pros of expressing and the reasons for using it

The main purpose of the process is to remove the residuesMilk from the gland and thereby prevent its congestion in the milk ducts. Sometimes the chest remains crowded all the time or the ducts themselves tend to clog. Therefore, decantation after feeding or instead of it becomes necessary care and prevention of painful inflammation.

If for some time not to put the baby to the chest, you can quickly heal cracks in the nipples - after you put them in order, the feed will become much more pleasant and hygienic.

Expressed milk can be fed to an infant fromBottles without my mother's presence. Think about how convenient it is if you have to leave your baby with your father or in the care of your grandparents. Yes, there, any person you trust your baby can easily feed him with cooked and warmed-up mother's milk, without the need to dilute powdered mixtures.

Well, for moms who have to appear onWork or at the institute, not to mention the absence of a few days (forced trip, hospital hospital), pumping will save the process of milk production, even if at this time the baby will eat artificial mixes.

All women know that if milk is notIn demand, then the breast stops producing it. To prolong lactation and return the baby the opportunity to eat mother's milk after a break, you need to express several times a day, preferably by the hour.

Learn the technique of expressing breast milk

The benefits of breast pump breast milkManual equipment is available to all, because it does notYou need no devices - you will do everything with your fingers. Prepare a container for 100-150 ml with a wide enough neck. At a time you can express about 30-50 ml, but the jars of this volume are not quite convenient in the process.

If you are not going to store milk, the bottle can be just cleaned up, and you need to use sterilized containers for storage.

Wash your hands cleanly, dry with a towel. If conditions permit, wash your chest with warm boiled water (it is mandatory if the milk is stored for the baby).

Place the container on the nipple. Grab the chest with the palm and fingers from below, while the index finger will press on the alveolus (nipple) from the bottom. With your thumb, press rhythmically around the nipple from the top. To empty all the ducts, change the grip: with your thumb, press from above and along the sides near the nipple. Do not touch the nipple.

Use of breast pumps

The technique of mechanical decantation is quite simple andDoes not require from you either skill or experience, as manual. Obtain a breast pump - and follow the instructions. Many mothers are disappointed that it is impossible to guess which device will suit them best.

No recommendations in this matter work, andThe price of a breast pump does not at all guarantee that it will be convenient for you to use it. The only thing is, electric breast pumps are faster. But the nozzle and mechanism is a very individual matter to advise something specifically. Have the means - buy and try.

Pumping takes 10 minutes to an hour. With a small breast filling, this can really take time.

Complete the procedure by patching the nipple from the droplets. Milk can be poured, immediately given to the baby (in the case when you do not feed due to cracks on the nipples) or to prepare for feeding later.

How often do you need to decant

The main rule of expressing breast milkIs its regularity. Your baby requires a breast on his own schedule, and if you do not apply it for a while, observe the pre-break regime. Then by the time the baby returns to the breast, he will receive the same portion as before.

It happens that the child's appetite is unstable. In the morning he is hungry like a wolf, in the evening he sluggishly sucks, and tomorrow he almost has to be strongly involved in the process. Then he again will demand a heroic portion, but your breasts may not tolerate such mood swings badly.

The lack of milk in the breast serves as a signal to the body to reduce its production. Not always, but often this happens long before the natural cessation of feeding.

To always be able to fill your fillHer baby, and perhaps even prepare several servings just in case, you need to monitor the regular and equal, even emptying of both mammary glands.

Be sure to express completely the breast, whichThe child does not suck - adherence to this rule will save you breast health. Despite the doctors' requirement to alternate the mammary glands during feeding, in order not to irritate the child, who inexplicably prefers a particular side, the mothers get used to applying it to the same breast. Then pumping and leaving become simply necessary.

Expressing and storing breast milk

The benefits of breast pump breast milkYou can buy special jars in the pharmacyOr a store for moms, they are manufactured taking into account all the amenities for this process. Otherwise, choose small jars, glass or food grade plastic of high quality. The container should be sterilized - boiled or boiled several times.

In the dried capacity, express all the milk thatIt will be possible to extract, close the lid tightly, be sure to inscribe the jar - date and time. Send milk to the refrigerator on the shelf (only not on the door), where there should be a temperature of about + 4 ° C. Keep strictly no more than 48 hours.

Milk can be frozen: put the container in the refrigerator at + 4 ° C, after 3-4 hours move to the freezer at? 18 ° C. Keep no more than 5 days.

How to unfreeze breast milk? Ideally, move from the freezer to the refrigerator shelf and defrost it there, and only then warm up to the desired temperature in the water bath. But if you need to speed up the process, you can warm it up, immediately placing it in a saucepan with warm water. The remains must be poured - they are not stored and do not freeze again.

For many women is a revelationPossibility to prepare portions of breast milk for feeding the child. However, women's milk is well preserved, practically all nutritious and useful substances remain in it.

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