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Exercising after childbirth: an easy and correct restoration of the figures


Exercising after childbirth is aimed at improving posture and strengthening the muscles that are weakened during pregnancy. Harmonious exercise returned slender figure

After childbirth, when the main weight goes along withFetus, water and the placenta, the body becomes light and agile, women are most concerned with two questions: when can I begin to perform exercises for weight loss and how quickly to return the old flat stomach?

Wait or act?

Exercising after childbirth: an easy and correct restoration of the figuresAmerican obstetricians urge women to beActive, but with certain conditions. So, if a woman visited swimming, yoga or other training during pregnancy, then you can go back to the training rhythm immediately, because the joints and muscles are ready for this.

If a woman enjoyed a pregnancy, ate for two, lay and sat more than walked, then it would be more suitable for an easy gymnastics after childbirth.

First, to be active after childbirth canPrevent cramps that are associated with the return of the uterus to the previous size. Secondly, for two weeks, there are lochia - discharge of blood and sugars in the process of cleansing and healing of the endometrium. Of course, this time is worth the wait, and remember that for 3-5 months the ligaments still remain "Cranky"Because of the hormonal background.

Gynecologists are advised to start training 2-3 months after natural delivery and six months later after cesarean section. But there is another side to recovery - the diastase of the rectus abdominis muscles.

During pregnancy, when the uterus grows,The connective tissue between the straight muscles is stretched. The formed gap can be closed for 4-8 weeks, and sometimes it does not close at all, and there remain annoying 2-4 centimeters, which spoil the figure.

Begin training is only after closing the diastase, which is checked by a simple test:

  • You have to lie on your back, bend your knees.
  • Put the fingers of the left hand just above the navel, and the right hand on the thigh.
  • Inhale and exhale. On exhalation raise your head, tear your shoulders off the floor and hold your right hand in the direction of the knee. In this case, the stomach will tighten. With your left hand, test the area above the navel that allows you to identify diastasis or "failureBetween the muscles.

We return the royal posture

The best postpartum training isRegenerative gymnastics for posture. In the process of bearing the child the center of gravity of the body shifts. The bottom of the chest extends forward, the pelvis bulges upward, because "Unloaded"The abdominal muscles and a huge load receive a loin.

The body must be balanced:

  • We must stand sideways to the mirror;
  • Lower the chin on the chest and try to see the socks of your legs - for this the pelvis will automatically pull back, and the upper chest will stick out;
  • Then, with gentle circular motions, you should lower your shoulders. Done!

Now the body is in harmony with the forces of gravity, the waist is not overextended, and the stomach is retracted.

There is another way to correct the body that is used in Pilates:

  • Lie on your back, bend your knees, put your hands on your stomach, place your elbows in the sides. Imagine that the navel is a compass, and the north is in the side of the head;
  • Straining the press, tilt the pelvis towards the north, while the waist is pressed against the floor;
  • Straining the press, tilt the pelvis towards the south, and the waist takes an excessive bend;
  • Moving the pelvis in both directions, you need to find a neutral position, in which he will not roll anywhere;
  • Move the pelvis to the left and to the right, keeping the neutral position relative to the north-south in order to find the middle position.

It is recommended to do a balance before breathing exercises.

Methods for correcting diastase

After the body has learned to relax and balance itself in space, one can proceed to respiratory gymnastics.

After childbirth, it is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the trunk and closing the diastase:

  • Exercise is a cat (and the pose of a cow in yoga) or arching of the back on inhalation with retraction of the abdomen and flexing of the back on exhalation. Try not to do pushing movements of the pelvis;
  • Exercise breathing belly. Lying on his back, bending his legs, the lower back straightened. On exhalation, pull in the muscles of the press, relax with inhalation. Repeat 10 times;
  • Exercise the bridge. Lying on your back, bend your knees. Exhale, draw in the stomach and lift the pelvis, holding your breath for 5-10 seconds. To lower on inspiration. Repeat 10 times.

Restorative gymnastics can be performed 2-3 times a day.

For postpartum exercises for the uterusProvides for strengthening the pelvic floor - the muscles that hold the uterus, intestine and bladder in a normal position. To activate them, you need to squeeze the anus and vagina, as if stopping urination. Repeat 10-15 times 2-3 times a day, gradually increasing the number of repetitions, as well as the duration of compression.

Exercising after childbirth: an easy and correct restoration of the figuresThe hypopressive method is gymnastics of the 21st century forMuscular corset. The creators of the complex claim that it is able to stop aging and restore the body after childbirth. The method in the practice of breathing control is concluded. If the exercise is performed standing, the legs are placed at a width of 20 cm. The hands lie on the waist. It takes three short breaths, while exhaling should be as long as possible, expelling all the air from the lungs.

After the third exhalation, when the lungs remainEmpty, you need to maximally pull the stomach under the ribs. Then do the respiratory movement, but without inhaling and exhaling air. This is how the state of apnea is achieved, but you need to train for this. Fix in the position of respiratory apnea for 10-20 seconds.

In fact, this breathing gymnastics after childbirthFor the abdomen and the whole body resembles a bodyflex, but the poses that need to be taken and fixed are more like yoga. For example, this is the pose of a warrior, in which you have to extend your hands in an attack. Or one of the basic poses - standing with arms apart, with a slight inclination of the whole body forward.

Dynamic twisting of the body in position: A slow forward slope is performed when the abdomen is drawn in, the hands on the stomach are slid, slid down the hips and abut against them. At the lowest point, an inhalation is exhaled, and the body is slowly straightened by a delay in breathing.

Easy exercise for burning fat

When the shortcomings associated withImbalance of the body, and the straight muscles of the press returned to their proper place at the expense of respiratory gymnastics after childbirth, weight loss can become a priority.

The main type of aerobic load for burningFat remains walking. One walk with a stroller for half an hour will allow you to spend up to 170 calories. You need to walk a lot, regularly, and it will be useful for mother and child.

If the diastase (the gap between the muscles) is 1-2 cm, then you can perform all the exercises for training the muscles, which is important after the birth, which are associated with the weakening of the entire body.

Women who did not exerciseTime before pregnancy, can begin with light complexes, such as post-partum gymnastics from Cindy Crawford. Training on time is calculated for ten minutes, including a warm-up, and consists of simple exercises.

To begin with, Cindy Crawford and the instructor areStraightened hands left and right after, while the legs are slightly wider than the shoulders, slightly bent at the knees. Then there is a slow squat with a wide setting of the legs and deep slopes to the side. For the next stretch exercise, you need to turn to one side, raise your hands and stretch well.

Exercising after childbirth: an easy and correct restoration of the figuresThen slightly bend the leading leg and performSpringy squats, rising to the toe and sinking to the foot with the foot that stands behind. Hands stretched out in front of him. Then the complex of exercises includes attacks: a wide step forward with squatting.

Gymnastics includes several respiratoryKegel exercises mixed with stretches from yoga. For the abdomen, partial lifting of the body in the supine position is provided, with constant tension of the muscles of the press, as well as partial lifts of the pelvis (the buttocks almost never come off the floor) with simultaneous tension of the buttocks and lower abdominal muscles.

Gradually, little by little, not overexerting - soIt is necessary to act the first months. The struggle with diastase is the ability to control the transverse muscle. To feel it, the exercise on the elbows will do.

Work on the beauty of your body and you will soon be able to catch the rapturous glances of the opposite sex!

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