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Cervical erosion after birth: causes, symptoms and treatment of inflammation


Erosion of the cervix after childbirth requires attention from a specialist. Treatment should be as efficient as possible, excluding the development of dangerous complications

If after the birth you were in the gynecologist's office, andThe expert informed you about the presence of erosion, do not worry before the time, because almost every woman faces this problem. Sometimes there is erosion of the cervix after childbirth, but there are also cases when, under the influence of certain factors, it occurs during pregnancy.

Cervical erosion after birth: causes, symptoms and treatment of inflammationTreatment of erosion if it is found in a pregnant woman is not carried out, this specialist will only deal with the birth of the child.

Types of pathology

Erosion of the cervix, which occurs after childbirth,Called endocervicosis. Such a process can have a double morphology. In the first case, when it comes to damage to the epithelium in a specific area of ​​the cervix, the main cause is trauma to the birth canal while the child is moving along it.

The second type of mucosal reproductiveOrgan of the female reproductive system is caused by the replacement of multilayered epithelium with a single-layered cylindrical, through which blood vessels are clearly visible. In the second case, erosion after childbirth as such does not exist, only an impression of epithelial damage is created.

Such an inflammatory process in mostOf cases is revealed after childbirth, because during pregnancy the cervix of the future mother can be inspected only at the initial stages of bearing the fetus. Most gynecological examination can be performed in those women whose pregnancy occurs with some complications.

Why there is erosion

Gynecologists distinguish several reasons why a woman undergoing pregnancy and during childbirth has erosive lesions of the mucous membrane of the cervix.

The main reasons are:

  • Mechanical injuries;
  • Chemical damage;
  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Wrong syringing.

Usually mucosal damage becomesThe result of injury during the birth of the child. Moreover, gynecologists know cases when the wound was tightened independently without cauterization. This is due to the fact that in women after childbirth, when true erosion is found, experts often talk about pseudo-erosion - mechanical damage to the mucous membrane.

How does the pathology manifest in pregnant women?

As a rule, the symptoms of erosion after childbirth are notArise, so the doctor can confirm it only after the woman is examined. The insidiousness of the pathological process lies in the fact that he does not manifest himself clinically, but changes in the epithelium at this time are rapidly progressing, often threatening the health and life of women.

The lack of treatment can lead to the development ofDysplasia of the epithelium of the cervical canal, which results in cervical cancer. If a specialist suspects a precancerous condition, a colposcopic examination is performed in which the cervix is ​​examined under a microscope.

Diagnosis is supplemented by other methods, withWhich help to judge the benign or malignant lesions of the mucous membrane of the organ of the reproductive system. It is important that the symptoms are found as early as possible, because early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. To do this, visit the gynecologist's office every six months.

How is the diagnosis?

A woman must visit the office on a regular basisGynecologist, because such actions will help in a timely manner to detect diseases and conduct their treatment. Zaberemeny, you need to immediately visit the doctor's office, where the specialist will examine the uterine neck using a special mirror, and the gynecologist at this time takes a swab of cytology.

If you find the slightest deviations from the normA pregnant woman is under close surveillance from a specialist to the birth itself. However, even if the pathology was detected at the early stages of pregnancy, it is strictly forbidden to treat it. That is why it is so important at the pregnancy planning stage to undergo a medical examination.

When examining the cervix in a pregnant womanA gynecologist may notice redness on it, such a phenomenon is not considered a pathology, because it happens because of an increase in its diameter for natural reasons. If, in addition to erosive damage, dysplasia was detected, then the patient must pass an analysis for the presence of papilloma.

Features of treatment

Cervical erosion after birth: causes, symptoms and treatment of inflammationSometimes experts talk about independentHealing of erosion soon after the birth of the child. Does erosion occur after delivery without medical intervention? This is possible only in the case when damage to the mucous membrane is caused by injuries during passage of the fetus by birth canals. If the pathology does not go away, its treatment should be started no earlier than 6 weeks after the birth.

Modern gynecology uses several different methods of treating erosion after childbirth, aimed at restoring the female body.

The following methods are used:

  • Electrocoagulation;
  • cryotherapy;
  • Laser therapy;
  • Chemical coagulation.

How the wound will be treated is determined by the doctor, based on the size of the education and the reasons for its appearance.


This method of treating pathology is known inGynecology is still like diathermocoagulation. The technique is the oldest of all possible medical methods for eliminating pathology, is the cauterization of erosive formation by electric current. Thermal burn is unable to completely eliminate the developing process, therefore traces of dysplasia can sometimes remain.

Therapy is very painful and difficult to tolerateWomen. Doctors themselves do not approve of this procedure, since burns leave large scars on the cervix, in the future they can cause serious health problems. Subsequent delivery after cauterization of erosion due to scarring can be complicated, in addition, the second pregnancy may not occur at all.


A more modern method of treating erosion in womenAfter delivery is cryotherapy - moxibustion with liquid nitrogen. In simple words, it is a kind of freezing. Despite the relative painlessness of the procedure, if it is incorrectly performed, it is also possible to form scarring not only on the cervix, but also on the nearby genital organs.

Laser therapy

The use of a laser in gynecology to eliminateErosion is the most effective and painless method. But you should understand that effective treatment will only be performed by an experienced specialist.

Chemical coagulation

Cervical erosion after birth: causes, symptoms and treatment of inflammationThis method is a processingDamaged area of ​​the mucous membrane with special medical preparations. Gynecologists often use for this purpose Solkovagin. This technique is the simplest, but also the least effective.

Such a procedure will save the woman from erosion ifTo conduct it with minimal damage to the mucosa or in case of detection at the initial stage of education. To get rid of erosion, several procedures are needed.

Watch your health not only duringPregnancy, but also long before it, because the development of certain diseases can affect the development of the child and the course of the birth itself. After the birth of a child, do not forget to visit the gynecologist's office to examine the condition of the cervix and other organs of the reproductive system.

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