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Massage newborn: everything you need to know young parents


Massage newborn kiddies necessary for the harmonious and comprehensive development. This can be achieved only under certain rules during the massage

Probably, you heard from many young mothers,That massage to the newborn is not necessary, moreover, he can not benefit him. According to experts themselves, certain movements along the body of the child can prevent the lag in the psychomotor development of crumbs.

Massage newborn: everything you need to know young parentsMassage consists of stroking, kneading andRubbing, which are extremely useful for a child's body. It increases immunity, improves coordination of movements, forms a correct posture, relieves muscle tone. This is the reason for doing your child a massage.

Is it really necessary to massage the newborn?

We all know that after the birth of a child, the internal organs and systems of the child's body still need growth and development. This is especially necessary for the brain and central nervous system.

It has been scientifically proven that the pathways of the skin analyzer develop much faster than the visual and auditory, so at the moment of the child's birth, he perceives the touch of the mother's hands.

Proceeding from the fact that in the first days of life the baby is the most susceptible to the impact through the skin, touching it, you can stimulate the development of his internal organs.

For newborns, as a rule, characteristicIs a physical hypertone, its legs and arms are compressed, there is a chaotic movement. The task of family and friends to balance muscle tone, to help the child quickly start making meaningful movements.

If you do a regular massage, you will provideTo his baby a harmonious development, appropriate to his age. When your child first sits down, crawls and goes, it depends on the massage and gymnastics.

Recommendations of specialists

Often parents turn to the pediatrician with a question,When it is possible to do massage to newborns, so as not to harm them, but, on the contrary - to benefit. The specialists answer that it is best to conduct the procedure starting from the age of two months of the child, when he already tries to keep the head on his own. The main purpose of the massage is the formation of a physically and mentally healthy baby.

Proceeding from this, it is necessary to conduct courses in 3,6, 9 and 12 months, when changes occur in the child's body related to its development. Course duration - 10 procedures. Carry out such manipulations preferably in the morning after awakening or before daytime feeding, but not earlier than half an hour before and forty minutes after eating.

Massage newborn: everything you need to know young parentsIt is important to properly prepare for the procedure andChoose the most suitable place. For such manipulations, a warm, pre-ventilated room will suit, the air temperature should be within 18-22 degrees. To do massage manipulations with the baby you need on a hard surface - swaddling or an ordinary table, you can and on the bed with a hard mattress.

Before proceeding with the implementation of specialMovements on the body crumbs, Mom should put his hands in order, cutting off the nails, so as not to scratch the delicate skin. For hand treatment, use a disinfectant, and apply a baby cream or special oil to clean skin.

During the lessons the child should be naked. The duration of the first lessons should not exceed 5-10 minutes, after a month and a half the duration of the procedure should be 30 minutes.

Basic techniques

There are certain rules about how to do a newborn massage, which every mother must know.

It is important to adhere to such recommendations and not to violate them:

  • When performing massage of feet and brushes, only such tricks as kneading and rubbing are used;
  • When massage the back, tummy, pens, legs,Buttocks up to 3 months are used stroking, easy vibration and rapping. These techniques can reduce muscle tone, relax them, stimulate blood and lymph circulation in tissues;
  • When doing foot massage, it is necessary to start moving from the feet to the inguinal lymph nodes;
  • At massage of handles - from a brush to inguinal lymphonoduses;
  • Massaging the back, you need to start the movement from the lumbar region to the shoulder, from the spine to the sides;
  • While working the muscles of the buttocks, move from the hip joints to the anus;
  • If you are doing a tummy tuck to a newborn, move clockwise.

Remember, the younger your baby is, the more tender you need to touch his body. Conduct classes every day, and you will soon notice a positive change in the development of your karapuza.

Massage movements can be applied not only withThe purpose of developing a newborn, but also for the baby to calm down and relax before going to bed. In addition, for many parents this is the only effective method that allows you to get rid of children's colic.

It is recommended to conduct developmental activities, starting with the stroking of the face, which allows the child to get used to such your actions.

Soothing before bedtime

If you know that your child's night sleep is restless, the crumb often wakes up and cries, spend with him such calming exercises:

  • Massage newborn: everything you need to know young parents"Hammer". Put the baby on the table with the back down, take one hand with his foot, and with your fist the second one, tap slightly in the direction from the bottom up. Repeat the same steps with the other foot;
  • "Watch." Gently pat the tummy of the crumb with the entire palm in the clockwise direction. Exercise take 5 minutes, it is the main during the performance of the massage to the newborn in colic;
  • "Topsyzhka." Turn the crumb on your tummy and gently flick the buttocks. It is advisable at this time to put before the baby a bright toy, so that the muscles of the back and neck were involved.

Leaving a few minutes before going to bed so simpleExercises, the child will feel good and sleep well. Pediatricians recommend regular massage for newborns, because such actions are a pledge of early comprehensive development of crumbs.

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