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Power Principles for nursing mothers


Feeding lactating mother should be a full, balanced and healthy. Learn how to eat my mother if the baby atopic dermatitis and colic

Pregnancy completely changes the life of a woman. Since that time, she has to take care not only of herself, but also of the little man growing up in her womb. After the birth of duties, mothers become even more, because from now on it is necessary to provide the baby with everything necessary, and, first and foremost, nutrition.

Power Principles for nursing mothersHow good that nature has taken care of the mother's ability to feed her child with breast milk. Thanks to this, a woman can provide the child with food at any time.

The truth is, there are disadvantages to breastfeeding: Nursing mother needs to carefully choose the foods that she eats, as they are used by the baby. That is, a woman should adhere to a special diet for nursing mothers.

Nursing mother's diet: basic principles

In this case we are not talking about strictRestriction in the use of food, but rather about a reasonable approach to the choice of food. The mother needs to eat fully and balanced, so that the child and provide useful substances, and most get them. To do this, you must follow certain rules.

By and large, a special diet is not needed for a young mother of a healthy child. If a baby has atopic dermatitis or, more simply, a diathesis, then certain restrictions should be introduced.

If the child feels well, there is no bodyNo rashes, then the mother can eat almost everything, but within reasonable limits. Naturally, one should refrain from alcohol, many medications and smoking. In the rest of the nursing mother should adhere to the principles of healthy eating. That is, it is necessary to refuse fast food, carbonated drinks, limit the consumption of sweet, smoked, spicy and fried.

Also, beware of chocolate and coffee. For some moms, this can be a serious problem, so you can eat a little chocolate or drink a couple of sips of coffee, if you really want. But you need to follow the child's reaction. In the absence of rash, changes in behavior, these products are considered to be allowed for moms. However, it is still worth using them as rarely as possible and in small quantities.

Traditionally, a nursing woman is also recommendedRefuse bow and garlic, because they change the taste of milk, and the baby can stop using it. But this rule has exceptions, some children quite normally react to an unusual taste, although still it is not necessary to lean on these vegetables.

Eat with the mind

In addition to restricting the use of certain foods, the diet of a nursing mother implies compliance with several rules for eating:

  • One should enter into the diet oneDay, while you need to start with small doses. For example, in the morning you need to eat a teaspoon of a new product and monitor the reaction of the newborn, if it's okay, the next day you can increase the portion;
  • Even if the baby normally perceives food,He did not have rashes, pains, mood is normal, do not lean on the same type of food, because excessive use of the product can trigger an allergic reaction in the newborn. To eat should be varied and high-grade. Particular care should be taken with the most common allergens: honey, fish, caviar, mushrooms, dried fruits, nuts, citrus fruits, tomatoes, seafood, carrots and red fruits;
  • With regard to dairy products, theirIt is recommended to consume not more than half a liter a day. It is believed that milk stimulates lactation, but a newborn can have an allergy to milk protein. Therefore, with milk should be careful. It is best to eat dairy products, they are less allergenic. And to stimulate lactation, the mother needs to apply the baby more often to the breast;
  • It is also necessary to receive a sufficient amount ofCalories from food. For nursing mothers, from 2500 to 3200 calories per day are recommended. But do not exceed the measure, because this can have a negative effect on the figure;
  • Daily feeding woman should eat 120-130 grams of protein, 60% of which should be of animal origin, 100 grams of fat, 20% of them plant, and 500 grams of carbohydrates;
  • To eat, if possible, it is necessary to fractional, five times a day, so that the milk is produced continuously and in sufficient quantities;
  • With colic, the baby needs to remove grapes, cabbage, radish, peas, eggplants, cucumbers, zucchini, legumes from the ration.

Power Principles for nursing mothersThe causes of colic can be many, this is the formationGastrointestinal tract, and incorrect attachment of the newborn to the breast, which causes swallowing of the air, and even own diseases of the mother, such as gastritis and dysbacteriosis. Therefore, it is not always necessary to blame food for colic. To find out the causes of increased gas production, you should consult a doctor, not only to the pediatrician, but also to your therapist.

If the whole matter is in the diet, then when a child has colic, the woman should give up all dairy products for a week. With the improvement of the baby's well-being, milk can be gradually re-introduced into food.

Observe the diets of the lactating mother of the newbornAs difficult as it might seem at first glance. Most importantly, monitor the reaction of the baby to the products introduced and exclude from the diet those to which the child reacts poorly.

Hypoallergenic Diet for Nursing Mothers

If the baby is healthy, he does not have allergies, thenA woman can afford to eat almost everything she wants. If the baby has diathesis, then the mother, as well as with colic in the child, will have to give up many foods.

The baby's allergy can be at anything,Therefore, to identify an unsuitable product, a nursing mother is advised to keep an eating diary. It should record all the food eaten per day, the amount of food and how the baby reacted to the feeding. Thus, it will be possible to identify allergens and completely eliminate them from the ration of nursing mothers.

While allergens are not found, it is better to givePreference for the following products: rice, oats, buckwheat porridge, potatoes, pasta, boiled meat, vegetable soups and fermented milk products. It will also be useful to remember what allergies are to the mother, father and other family members, and also to exclude it from the diet.

Next, you need to try to cope with diathesis withUsing ointments and drugs, which the doctor will appoint, and then start a food diary. Nursing mother first need to sit on a strict diet, then every day in the diet should add one product and follow the reaction of the baby's body.

Such a strict diet of a nursing mother will help find two or three allergenic products, which must be completely stopped eating while the baby is on breastfeeding.

If you do not isolate allergens, they willAccumulate in the body of the child, and diathesis will manifest itself more and more. In this case, the doctor can advise the mother to transfer the baby to artificial feeding, which is much worse than breastfeeding.

Power Principles for nursing mothersFor women, this may seem like an excellent way out: No more restrictions, diets of nursing mothers with colic, allergies, etc. However, it is much more useful for a child to eat breast milk, since it contains all the necessary substances for its normal growth and development. In addition, with milk from moms to children, immunity is transmitted, which helps to cope with diathesis faster and more efficiently.

As many women note, hypoallergenicThe diet for nursing moms looks terrible from the outside. In fact, it is transferred quite simply, especially when you understand that all this is for the sake of the baby and his health. In addition, such a diet is well disciplined and helps in the future adhere to the rules of healthy eating.

Eat right and then your body and your baby's body will work together and fully! Health to you and your baby!

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