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Diet after childbirth: to lose weight from the first day


Diet after childbirth should provide enough calories to maintain the activity of a young mother, restore her body. Observe this rule for the first 6 weeks

Quickly return the old form after giving birth - a dreamEvery woman. Depending on the weight of the newborn, the mass of the placenta and amniotic fluid after birth, the weight immediately decreases by 5-6 kilograms, which, given the average weight gain for pregnancy at 12-17 kg is not so bad.

Where does the excess weight come from?

Diet after childbirth: to lose weight from the first dayThere is an explanation for everything:

  • The tissues of the mammary glands grow, they produce milk;
  • The uterus remains enlarged, the arteries feeding it with blood are still full;
  • Fat reserves on the hips were formed for breastfeeding a child.

The organism will need about 6 weeks to return the uterus to its previous size. It is necessary only to wait a little, because the organs have moved, overgrown, to give life to the child.

How to lose "Pregnant weight" wisely?

Slowly, do not get hung up on it. There is a good rule of losing weight - no more than 0.7-1 kg per week, with a calorie deficit of 3500-5250 or 500-750 per day.

Many women sharply grow thin during half a year after sorts, and then can gain weight again, and in it many factors are guilty:

  • After 25 years, metabolism at rest is slowing down by 2% every year;
  • After giving birth, women become tired of fatigue and depression with simple carbohydrates, which leads to weight gain;
  • After giving birth because of the decree, women go out less, do not find the time and energy for jogging and training, because they gain weight.

Therefore, after delivery, the diet for weight loss should accelerate metabolism due to fractional and frequent nutrition, as well as the predominance of protein foods over simple carbohydrates.

Breastfeeding and losing weight: compatible?

During breastfeeding, a woman dailySpends 500 calories more for milk production. Feeding the baby stimulates the production of hormones, which lead to a reduction in the uterus. However, the body always leaves a reserve in the form of 2-3 kg, which are needed to maintain breastfeeding - it is with them that we have to fight in the gym.

As the feeding intervals increase andIntroduction of complementary feeding to a young mother does not require a lot of calories, so there comes a time of decrease in appetite. If this did not happen, then the woman is in a captivity of depression and is dependent on harmful sweet food.

Therefore, from the first days after childbirth, three simple things must be done:

  • To refuse from semi-finished products, sweet and fat, which in principle is not recommended to eat nursing women;
  • Eat a fraction and 5-6 times a day, trying not to skip breakfast, do not eat carbohydrates at night;
  • Walk for at least an hour a day with the child, as half an hour walk with the stroller burns up to 150 calories.

Diet and feeding of the child

Since the production of milk burns calories,Nursing mother after giving birth, any diet will be contraindicated: otherwise the body will not have the strength to care for the child, walking, cleaning. Rest and good food are two conditions for a fast Recovery after childbirth For the first six weeks.

Diets during breastfeeding are not only dangerousFor the body, but for a child who has so far only food on the menu. Too fast fat burning will release into the blood the harmful substances accumulated by fat cells for a year, and all this will get into breast milk.

Diet after childbirth: to lose weight from the first dayTo lose weight, nursing mother or any otherA woman does not need to starve, because the body in response to a shortage of calories will go into conservation mode - slow the metabolism, will begin to save fat in the form of cellulite, from which it is even more difficult to get rid of.

Arithmetic suggests that a woman with a dailyThe need for 2,000 calories to lose weight is enough to cut energy intake by 500 calories or increase energy consumption by 500 calories. It turns out that with breastfeeding the weight will decrease itself, if you do not go beyond 2000 calories and remain active.

When asked about how to lose weight after childbirth,A rigid diet can not be the answer. Nutritionists recommend following the natural rhythms of the body, switch to natural food without chemical additives and sweet, move more and run away from temptations.

What is a plateau in losing weight?

By the end of the first year of the child, the young mother loses almost 95% of the body weight gained for pregnancy, and then the arrows of the weights freeze.

It remains only 2 or 5 kg to the goal, but this stagnation has nothing to do with pregnancy, feeding, but is related to nutrition and activity:

  • Caring for a child takes more and more time, and it's just no time to deal with yourself;
  • Women sleep little, eat everything, so the kilograms freeze in place, although the activity is more than enough.

Power options for weight loss

Diet after childbirth is possible only after the end of breastfeeding.

It should not be rigid, and can provide for three options for painless calorie reduction:

  • 60% protein and 40% carbohydrates. The essence of such a scheme of nutrition is that most of the calories will come from lean meat, cottage cheese, fish, eggs, milk, kefir, beans. The rest of the diet will be taken up by vegetables, among which greens should predominate and preferably fresh (spinach, asparagus, dill, parsley, zucchini);
  • Carbohydrate-protein alternation. The diet provides the usual proper nutrition without fatty and sweet foods throughout the whole week, but 2-3 days of them the amount of carbohydrates (porridge, root vegetables, fruits) will be removed from the diet. These days, food will mainly consist of protein foods and foods high in fiber (chicken, fish, eggs, milk, cucumbers, cabbage of all kinds, greens, asparagus, salad leaves);
  • Diet after childbirth: to lose weight from the first dayProper nutrition with unloading days. Eating the whole week correctly, excluding fatty meat, canned food and sweets, you need 1-2 days a week to arrange a mono-diet on kefir, chicken breast or apples with cabbage.

Where is proper nutrition, there is physicalactivity. This rule is buzzed by ears, because it remains the most unloved and effective. Activity can be any, but regular and weekly: 150 minutes a week easy running, fast walking, dancing, any aerobics and 2-3 classes of strength and endurance (with or without dumbbells), but to strengthen the muscles by squats, push-ups , Attacks.

Do not be lazy, follow the rules of nutrition, and your friends will be surprised at your fresh and attractive appearance!

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