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Dandruff is a child - looking for reasons


Dandruff in the child and the reasons for its appearance. How to properly treat dandruff in a child? Recommendations for the prevention of dandruff

Many parents are surprised to find "White flakes"On the head of their children. Meanwhile, dandruff is the same common disease in childhood, as in the adult. According to statistics, every fifth inhabitant of the land faces this problem at least once in life.

Dandruff is a child - looking for reasonsAnd it affects all people, whether poorOr rich, because dandruff is a disease and, therefore, everyone can get it. Its treatment and prevention should be approached with all seriousness.

Dandruff, (it is also called seborrheic dermatitis) -This is an excessive detachment of horny scales of the scalp, which is often accompanied by an unpleasant itch. This disease occurs for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is a metabolic disorder. Therefore, before starting to treat dandruff in children, first identify the cause of its appearance.

Causes of dandruff in a child and how to withdraw it

Let's look at the main reasons why our children's heads are covered with white flakes.

  • Diseases or disorders of the digestive tract. For this reason, the gastrointestinal tract itself needs to be treated, because the appearance of seborrhea is only a consequence of another disease;
  • Deficiency of vitamins B. It is treated by introducing into the diet more foods with high content of these vitamins;
  • Improperly selected shampoo for the head. It is possible that children's shampoo aggressively affects the scalp, changing its acid-base balance. In this case, the shampoo should be changed, and additionally after washing your hair, rinse your hair with chamomile or sage. You can also use a special dandruff shampoo for children;
  • Dandruff is a child - looking for reasonsFungal infections. They are transferred from the carrier through personal care items. Treatment of dandruff in this case is carried out by a dermatologist. And after curing a child, you need to carefully monitor the condition of the skin of his head, since in fungal diseases often there are relapses;
  • Weakened immune defenses. The baby's body has not yet fully formed, so it is vulnerable to negative environmental effects. In this case, we strengthen the immunity and use the infusions of herbs when rinsing the hair after washing the head;
  • Transitional age. The period of puberty causes not only the fractures in the behavior of children, but also the failure of the endocrine system, and as a result - the appearance of dandruff and other "Pleasures". At the same time, additional treatment is not required, the endocrine system will be reconstructed and the problem will go away by itself, although of purely aesthetic considerations, of course, it is better to apply therapeutic shampoos and increase the proportion of plant foods in the ration of the child, with a high content of vitamins and trace elements;
  • Stress. If children in school or at home are subjected to frequent stressful situations, overwork due to studies or sports, then seborrhea may well develop on this background. It should be treated with soothing decoctions or sedative medications prescribed strictly by a doctor;
  • Infant age. Unbalanced nutrition of the baby or mother, if the baby is breastfed, can adversely affect the glands located on the child's head. Then the newborn has crusts or dandruff.

And most importantly, remember, dandruff in a child can not be treated with drugs for adults. In most cases, this only aggravates the problem, and seborrhea develops with renewed vigor.


Of course, it is easier to prevent the disease than to treat it later. Therefore, it is worthwhile to learn more about the methods of prevention.

Choose the right shampoo for the baby. First, it must be childish, secondly, take detergent for sensitive scalp, with the addition of herbs such as sage and chamomile, as well as burdock oil.

Dandruff is a child - looking for reasonsThe second is to balance your baby's diet. Include in it more products containing vitamins and beneficial microelements, especially do not forget about the group of vitamins B and PP.

The child should have his personal hygiene items. Explain to him how important it is at school or a kindergarten to use personal combs, hairpins, etc.

If you still noticed the presence of dandruff on your headAt the child, at all do not postpone treatment for then. Again, dandruff is an infection, and it can very well lead to serious consequences, such as slowing and stopping hair growth, fungal and bacterial infections.

Therefore, the more correctly determines the reason why your child has dandruff, the faster and more accurately this very insidious disease is defeated!

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