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Dance mat - interesting and useful toy for children


To dance mat and served for a long time was useful, you need the right approach to the choice of model, acquiring in the baby gift is really a safe and functional toy

Among the modern development games for childrenA special demand is a dance mat. Deciding to buy a new-fangled toy, parents should carefully consider its characteristics, so as not to spend money in vain.

What are the devices

Dance mat - interesting and useful toy for childrenChildren's dance mat is available in twoOptions: mobile, as well as stationary. This is a special panel that connects to a TV, game console or computer. There are models designed for the youngest. Such devices function autonomously, so they do not require connection to other devices.

The task of the child, to step in time with the music on the images located on the toy in accordance with the illumination while the melody sounds. The device can be bought by a child over 3 years old.

Depending on the additional functions of the modelAre divided into several types. For example, if two children can buy a device in the house that allows both children to play simultaneously. In this case, you can arrange a real dance competition.

A memory card can come with the toy. The rug, equipped with a flash card, allows you to deal not only with the melodies placed in the standard set, but also record your favorite tracks.

If there is a microphone in the kit, suchToys, like dance mats for children, may well replace karaoke. Who knows, maybe a modern toy will help develop the talent of the future pop star!

Mobile models work from batteries. They can be captured to friends to have fun. However, a stationary variant that connects to another home appliance also has a significant advantage. Once a child is bored with dancing, and he gets off the game panel, it automatically turns off.

There are devices on a hard and soft basis. Hard mats are very expensive. A soft model can be bought by the average family. This toy is made of material that is not slip-resistant, and is sold complete with a disc on which dance tunes are recorded.

The model has built-in indicators that are instantaneousReact to touch. Most often on sale are mats, the program of which is set out in English. However, it is now possible to easily purchase a Russian-language version of the program that makes the menu accessible to a child or an adult who is not familiar with English speech.

Use of toys

Dance mat - interesting and useful toy for children

I must say that by buying a dance mat forChildren, parents simultaneously solve several burning issues. First, the child will have a favorite pastime, and he will spend more time actively moving.

Secondly, the presence of a modern toy will attractTo the child's attention peers, and he will be able to make new friends. Thirdly, the device can be used by the older sister or mother as a simulator, which helps to improve the figure.

If the listed advantages are not enough, it is necessary to consider the following factors:

  • The toy perfectly develops in the kid a sense of rhythm and coordination of movements;
  • Thanks to the rug develops thinking and memory;
  • Daily games contribute to the strengthening of muscle tissue and provide excellent physical development;
  • Musical games have a positive effect on creativity.

How to choose the best model

When choosing a panel, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • material;
  • paint;
  • Weight toys;
  • the child's age.

Quality mat is made of non-slip material. It's great if the underside is equipped with Velcro that allows you to firmly fix the toy on the surface.

The weight of a toy that can last a long time,Is not less than 1 kg. Too heavy model is not worth buying for a small child, since it will not be convenient for him to carry it, and light models quickly break down. Painting should be done with non-toxic materials without an unpleasant odor.

It is better not to take mats with LED stripes for the baby. Additional lighting will only distract his attention and prevent you from completely concentrating on the game.

It is necessary to consider the age of the child For kids models are developed, equipped with bright pictures, which makes dancing on the rug much more attractive. Devices with arrows are more suitable for teenagers and adult players.

How to use a mat

It is necessary to carefully read the instructionsGames for dance floor mats before the device starts. The stationary model is connected via a USB port to a modern game console, TV or computer. In accordance with the recommendations, the device adjusts and displays the control program on the monitor. In the future, the need for settings should not arise.

Select a melody, difficulty level or systemCarry out, stepping on the rhombuses or squares located on the rug. At once select and the character who will dance on the monitor. You can use different angles: the front view or the rear view.

The device is turned on with the "Start", Located on the panel itself in the upper right corner. In the upper left corner there is a button "Shutdown".

Dance mat - interesting and useful toy for children

As soon as the melody is heard, the character onThe monitor starts an incendiary dance and up arrows rise, each of which corresponds to a certain button of the rug. As a rule, these are arrows with the designation "up","To the right","down"And"Left".

When one of these arrows appears on the screenYou should click on the corresponding button. It is important to have time to step on the square, while the arrow will reach the frame at the top of the monitor.

Depending on the skill of the player for eachPressing the button will give appropriate comments: skipping, good, excellent, etc. When the melody is complete, the game score will appear on the screen. Setting up a program for children, it is better to choose the initial level, so that the kid could gradually improve his skills.

Having bought a modern toy for your child,Parents will never regret the money spent. The purchase of a dance rug will provide a joyful atmosphere in the house and will have a positive impact on the development of the baby!

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