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How many have to sleep newborn babies?


Newborn babies almost always sleep and wake up, only to eat. Find out how much the baby should sleep and why it is important that he does not sleep too long

Almost all young parents dream of sleep. Some dreams come true, they sleep all night, and the child does not bother them. But is this correct? Can a baby sleep more than 7-8 hours in a row without harming one's own health?

How many have to sleep newborn babies?Breasts sleep quite a lot, however they oftenWake up to eat. To the kid, who was only born importantly fully and enough to eat and have a lot of rest. But this does not mean that the child has to sleep day and night. So, how much should the newborn sleep?

Because of what the child sleeps a lot?

All the children are different, one needs more time forSleep, another less. By and large, the baby should sleep as long as he wants. However, it must be remembered that prolonged sleep can be a symptom of a child not receiving enough food. Because of this, it becomes even more sleepy and passive, loses strength.

Healthy well-fed babies breastfeedingSleep 16-20 hours a day, and wake up every 1.5-2 hours to eat. This is because the baby has a very small volume in the first days of life, plus the milk is digested quickly, so the baby has to eat often and gradually.

If a baby sleeps more than five hours in a row, thisMay indicate that breastfeeding is poorly established and the child lacks water and nutrients. Due to dehydration, hypoglycemia may develop in the infant, or the flow of the jaundice will appear brighter. In order for newborns to develop normally, they need to eat a lot and sleep a lot.

A baby can sleep for a long time not only because of malnutrition, but also for other reasons:

  • At difficult sorts, especially with applicationPharmacological drugs, children can almost sleep soundly in the early days. In the most severe cases, babies lose the ability to control the swallowing and breathing processes in the mother's breast;
  • If the children do not take their breasts correctly, they quicklyGet tired and sleep for a long time. They often fall asleep right during feeding. To correct the situation, you should consult a breastfeeding consultant, a nurse or a friend who has a successful experience of breastfeeding;
  • The crumb can get tired and fall asleep if the motherToo coarse nipples. It's hard for a kid to grab them, he tries, but then stops and falls asleep to the hungry. To avoid such a situation, before giving the baby a breast, it is necessary to express a little milk to make the breast softer;
  • Baby can sleep a lot because of bright lighting inRoom and noise. On the one hand, the child quickly falls asleep with light and loud sounds, on the other the newborn sleeps as much as necessary, but only restlessly. And this can not be considered a full-fledged dream.

Sometimes it happens that the baby sleeps during the day, but at night it can not be awakened. However, at night the baby needs feeding. Therefore it is recommended to lay crumbs during the day to normalize his sleep.

How to wake the baby for feeding?

How many have to sleep newborn babies?It seems that no matter how much the baby sleeps, it is not necessaryHim wake up. In fact, if the baby sleeps more than five hours in a row, it should be awakened and fed, otherwise, dehydration may occur. Do not worry about the fact that the crumb does not fall asleep after being disturbed by her dream.

When the baby eats and cope with the need, he again wants to rest. How much a newborn must sleep to have a reason to wake him. During the day, you can wake a child 3-4 hours, at night - after five or six.

It is necessary to wake a baby neatly, and exclusively during a period of superficial sleep. Recognize this period is not difficult.

There are several signs:

  • The legs and arms of the baby twitch, trembling;
  • The eyelids tremble, open slightly, the eyeballs move;
  • If the face of the newborn touches something, it begins to make sucking movements;
  • A face appears on the face.

It is very important: no matter how long the clock is shown, before waking the child, you need to create in the room "dusk". Bright light affects the baby like a sleeping pill. Therefore, you need to mute the light in the room before awakening the crumbs. Also, before feeding, the baby needs to be swollen, so that it does not feel hot. Otherwise, he can refuse to eat.

In most cases, no matter how much the baby sleeps,He wakes up when he is hungry. Some babies want to eat once every three to four hours, others give the breast every hour - everything is very individual. However, a dream more than five to six hours in a row is considered inadmissible by the doctors.

How many newborns sleep betweenArtificial feeding? Children, who are fed with mixtures, eat less often, about 8-10 times a day. As a rule, babies on artificial feeding are recommended to feed every three hours in the afternoon, and five hours at night. Accordingly, the sleeping crumbs should be for three to five hours. In total, artificers sleep about the same as babies.

"Dangerous" lingering sleep

If a child sleeps for a long time, five hours in a row andMore, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician. If the baby eats normally, is in good spirits, not naughty, then the duration of his sleep is associated with malnutrition and cope with the problem easily.

It is only necessary to initiate breastfeeding. However, there are cases when a long sleep should cause parents anxiety.

How many have to sleep newborn babies?With the following signs, you should immediately call "An ambulance»:

  • The baby sleeps more than five hours in almost one position, it can not be awakened;
  • Skin and mucous membranes of the child become bluish;
  • The newborn has a fever;
  • The breath of the crumbs became superficial and heavy.

With these symptoms, no matter how much time is on the clock, you need to urgently consult a doctor. Specialists will accurately determine what is the matter, why the child sleeps for a long time, and will be able to help.

In general, if there is any doubt about the fact,How much the baby sleeps, eats, defecates - it is necessary to consult a pediatrician. Is it important for mother to be calm and balanced so that the child is also satisfied? And the milk did not disappear.

Therefore, in any doubt, do not wind yourself with terrible thoughts, but better consult a specialist and stop panicking! Health to you and your baby!

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