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How to care for a newborn girl: Tips for young parents


Often the happy new parents paws-daughter, being alone with a child at home, ask a question: how to care for a newborn girl? How to bathe her and wash away?

The long-awaited birth of crumbs, a littlecharming Princess - this is perhaps the greatest joy in life. But often, bringing his treasure home from the hospital, new parents are faced with a problem: how to care for babies? How often to bathe and wash away like a baby girl?

How to care for a newborn girl: Tips for young parentsAfter all, a small body is vulnerable and fragile, and the wrong actions can affect her health in adult life!

In the first days after birth to cope with the challenge of a young mom helps nurses. But after leaving baby girls health falls squarely on the shoulders of parents.

In this article we will talk about how to care for a newborn girl in the first months of her life.

Terms of bathing a newborn baby

During the first month (until the umbilical wound finally heal) the child should bathe daily in lukewarm water with a succession of weak broth chamomile.

The water temperature should be 37-38 ° C (use the thermometer and not the elbow to test temperature).

At the bottom of the pan should put a diaper orbath towel - it will warn slipping. Before bathing in a basin or infant tub crumbs should be undercut in running water, as bacteria in the perineum, can get deep into the vagina and cause the development of inflammatory processes.

It is best to bathe the baby for half an hour before the nightsleep, and 10 minutes after bathing to feed. In order to avoid getting water in your eyes and nose keep the child so that her head is on your left forearm.

Use only special baby soap without fragrances with a low pH of, but remember that even to use it more often 2-3 times a week is impossible.

Health baby girls should be carried outwithout the use of sponges and scouring pads - they may injure the delicate skin. After the procedure, the child should be wet with a soft towel and treat the umbilical wound Zelenko, or hydrogen peroxide.

Personal hygiene: wash away like a baby girl?

Because of the anatomic structuregenitals of infants have a high sensitivity and more sensitive to external stimuli. In newborn babies, unlike adults ladies have not yet formed the vaginal microflora, prevent the penetration and spread of harmful bacteria.

In addition, the skin of the external genital organs of babiesextremely thin, delicate, and therefore easily injured, and any damage, even minor, as you know, can lead to infection entering. That is why caring for a newborn girl, in particular, for its sexual organs, should be especially sensitive, high-quality and carefully.

The fact that subsidiaries must wash away from front to back, all mothers know - this is mandatory recalls hospital staff nurses and health visitors.

But apart from this rule for young parents need to know the other, no less important nuances:

  • before each procedure mother should wash their hands thoroughly soap;
  • wash away the crumbs should be in the morning after waking up, before going to bed at night and after every urination and defecation;
  • first performed cleaning the labia majora, and only then - the area of ​​the anal area;
  • use baby soap should be only after the chair, in all other cases, you should use the usual boiled water or weak broth chamomile;
  • After the procedure the skin of the perineum should be carefully blot with a clean soft towel and allow it to "breathe"- Leave without clothes and diaper 10-15 minutes;
  • After cleaning the skin of the external genitalia and inguinal folds need to handle special children's cream or sterilized oil.

Health baby girls should be carried outwithout fanaticism. Overly active and frequent cleaning the injury may lead to thin the mucous membranes of infection, and even to this unpleasant phenomenon as adhesions - fusion of the labia minora.

Note! Sometimes girls have 4-6 days to appearBlood-mucus spotting from the genital tract. To be frightened it is not necessary - this phenomenon is caused by an overabundance of hormones in an organism of a crumb. As a rule, such discharge in a newborn girl passes after 5-7 days.

Care for the mammary glands of a newborn

How to care for a newborn girl: Tips for young parentsThe child, being 9 months in the womb of the mother,Receives from her not only oxygen, all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals, but also a good portion of female sex hormones, one of which is prolactin. Thanks to prolactin, the mother's organism produces colostrum, and then milk, which the baby feeds on.

And quite often a certain amount of thisAn important hormone remains in the body of a newborn baby, as a result of which the mammary glands of a girl can slightly swell and produce a liquid similar to milk. This phenomenon is nothing more than a manifestation of physiological mastitis in newborns (by the way, it can also occur in boys).

Medicamentous treatment in such situations is not appointed, it is enough to fulfill simple rules of hygiene:

  • Daily wash baby mammary glands using baby soap;
  • After water procedures do not grind, and gently patch the nipple area with a disposable paper towel;
  • Do not squeeze out the liquid and do not try to massage the baby's breast.

With proper care within a week after the onset of mastitis, all of its symptoms disappear without a trace.

How to care for a newborn girl: Tips for young parentsBut the redness of the mammary glands, the allocation ofPus, accompanied by a high temperature, indicates the occurrence of a serious disease - purulent mastitis. In such situations, you should immediately contact a pediatrician or a pediatric gynecologist who will diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Treatment of purulent mastitis in newborn girlsIs performed only in a hospital, in serious cases even surgical intervention is used. To postpone the recommended treatment in any case it is impossible, as it can lead to sad consequences - full or partial death of a mammary gland.

Remember that the observance of proper hygiene in the care of a girl from birth is not only an indispensable guarantee of health in the future, but also forms the formation of her personality as a whole. Health to you and your children!

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