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Breast Pump: Breastfeeding


Young mothers often face the need to express breastmilk, for this the doctors recommend using a breast pump. How to choose the device and how to use it correctly

Young mothers after the birth of a childFace a lot of difficulties, one of which is the need for constant expression of breast milk. Naturally, not every woman is destined to face this procedure, because according to the opinion of gynecologists and pediatricians, with properly organized breastfeeding of the baby, no pumping is required.

Breast Pump: BreastfeedingHowever, he does not insure unforeseen situationsNobody, therefore, to know how to properly express and store breast milk and use a breast pump, every young mother should. Determine whether you need a breast pump and you can choose which doctor will help, because much depends not only on the amount of milk, but also on the general condition of the woman and the features of lactation.

When does it become necessary to express?

The need for expressing milk using this device can arise for various reasons.

Most often, women have to be expressed in the following situations:

  • Developed lactostasis due to excess milk;
  • Developed mastitis;
  • You need to go to work;
  • There are congenital anomalies of the facial skeleton of the baby, making breastfeeding impossible;
  • Prematurity of the child;
  • Mom temporarily forced to take medications that are contraindicated in lactation and breastfeeding, but wants to continue breastfeeding after the course of treatment.

Situations that may be requiredExpressing milk, there are many and in each case, this process occurs in different ways, everything will depend on the individual characteristics of the woman's body.

Types of breast pumps

Before answering the question "How to choose a breast pump", You first need to decide what they do in generalThere are. Currently, on the shelves of pharmacies and specialized stores, you can find a wide variety of models and options for these devices, of various sizes and configurations.

Which breast pump is the best and how to make the right choice?

All the variety presented in the sale can be divided into two types:

  • Hand-held instruments;
  • Electric breast pumps.

The principle of action of all these "assistants"Is identical, with the only difference being that the firstThey are activated by the power of the hand, while the latter work independently of electricity. The choice of configuration, type or model depends on financial capacity and individual needs.

Breast Pump: BreastfeedingAs already mentioned, the manual breast pump is self-powered, so the intensity and quality of its work depends on your efforts.

With due diligence and some skillsWork with this device, he can become quite an acceptable assistant in the decantation of breast milk for young mothers. The cost of such devices is relatively low.

Use an electric breast pump verySimply, you do not need to apply any effort, it's enough just by the rules to install it and turn it on. After that, you just need to relax, and all the work for you will be performed by the device.

It is worth such a device is more expensive than manual, but if you look good, you can find this product at a very reasonable price.

How to use it correctly?

Very often the need to useBreast pump causes young moms to panic and a lot of emotions. In fact, nothing particularly complicated here, and the use of such a device as a breast pump does not require any specific knowledge from the woman.

How to use the breast pump and where to start the procedure? First of all, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary "instruments". All parts of the device must be sterilized before use, especially before the first. After this, it is necessary to assemble it according to the instructions.

Hands, as well as the capacity in which will be storedExpressed milk, must also be prepared - thoroughly washed and sterilized. After that, you can comfortably settle down and try to relax as much as possible. Breast before the procedure should be lightly massaged.

Having arranged a nipple in the center of the flange in such a way that it was convenient and there was no discomfort, you can proceed to "Collecting"Of milk. If you decide to use a manual breast pump, start rhythmically pressing the pear, and if you prefer the electric model, then turn on the device at the minimum speed and gradually adjust the rhythm of the device for you.

At the very beginning of the device useSmall drops of milk, then it will pour a thin smooth or pulsating trickle. If all this is happening and you do not experience pain, then you have done everything right.

When the milk stops flowing, the device is necessaryRemove from the chest. When using manual breast pumps this time comes on average in 10-15 minutes, if you have an electronic breast pump - after 5-7 minutes.

If you plan to store milk for a while,It must be filtered and placed in a refrigerator in a sterile jar. The breast pump should be disassembled immediately after use, thoroughly washed and dried.

Helpful Tips

Breast Pump: BreastfeedingIn order for your "relations"With a breast pump have developed well and its use has been most effective, it is necessary to know and apply some small tricks in practice, namely:

  • Try to carry out the procedure at the same time and in the same place;
  • Do it in a warm room, tk. The ambient temperature is very important for the expansion of vessels and a good outflow of milk;
  • Some women are encouraged by the sound of bubbling water to stimulate the outflow of milk;
  • If the breast is firm, it must be massaged over the entire surface;
  • If there are cracks in the nipples, it is recommended to grease them with vegetable oil before decanting.

As you can see, everything is not so terrible! Enough to be patient and practice a little, and you will succeed!

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