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Features of expressing and storing breast milk


Breastmilk is the most useful and nutritious food for a child. Learn how to express milk, store it, warm it up and give the baby if it does not eat out of the breast

According to WHO recommendations to breastfeedNeed up to two years and longer, since breastfeeding is not only physiological, but also psychological. Children who are breastfed grow more open, sociable and smart.

Features of expressing and storing breast milkIf, for some reason, it is not possible to breastfeed the baby, you can express the milk and give it from the bottle.

How to express breastmilk by hand?

To begin with it is necessary to understand: Whether it is necessary to express milk? By and large, this is not necessary. If the mother is always next to the baby, seldom and briefly excommunicate, the child eats well, does little naughty, then it does not make sense to decant the breast. If the baby does not eat well, she does not get a normal suck, you should consult a breastfeeding consultant.

If after the consultation it will not be possible to establishNormal feeding, it is necessary to decant. Also, the need for expression can arise for other reasons, for example, the mother permanently excommunicated from the child or is uncomfortable to breast-feed. In any case, you need to know how to express the milk by hand.

The technique of expressing by hand, in fact, quiteUncomplicated. The main thing is to grab the breast correctly and gently and rhythmically press on it. To begin with, you should wash your hands and clasp your chest. The little finger should be located closer to the ribs, the other fingers support the chest.

The thumb should be placed on top of 3-4Centimeter above the nipple or on the margin of the areola. Pointing is strictly opposite to the large, about 3-4 centimeters below the nipple. Now you can begin to decant.

Express the breast in this order:

  • Sit on a chair, straighten your back;
  • Embrace the chest with your hand as described above;
  • Gently press your thumb and forefinger onto the edges of the areolas, hold for 3 seconds, release;
  • Press again, wait 3 seconds and release, continue rhythmically pressing until droplets appear;
  • It should be expressed as much as the child needs at a time.

Often, the first drops may take several minutes, this is normal. It is worth noting that the process of expressing by hand, if everything is done correctly, is completely painless.

Typical errors in the decantation are the stretching of the nipple, sliding fingers on the skin. So it will not work, but you can injure your breasts.

To learn how to express the breast manually, you need time and training. However, having mastered the technique manually, many mothers refuse breast pumps, because Hands are faster and easier.

How to store breast expressed milk?

How to express the breast, it is already known. It's time to learn how to preserve expressed breast milk.

First, choose the right container for storage. It must be clean and tightly closed. Expressed milk is allowed to be stored in both glass and plastic containers.

There are special plastic bags, they are sold sterilized and easily sealed. Polyethylene inserts in bottles are not suitable for storage. Can burst during freezing.

Features of expressing and storing breast milk

Keep breast milk recommended inFrozen form. For this, it is necessary to pour it into a clean sterilized container and put first in the refrigerator for cooling, and then in the freezer. Freeze better in small portions, so that the child will have enough to eat at one time. When freezing, the date of decantation should be indicated on the container.

If there is no refrigerator nearby, for example, your mom works and you have to decant in the office, you can store the product at room temperature. Within 10 hours it will be usable.

You can also store food for your baby in a thermos orIn the refrigerator bag. The thermos can be cooled with ice, and pour ice before filling. Ice is best done for such purposes from boiled or distilled water.

Do not add the expressed milk to the frozen milk or mix different portions.

If breast milk is eaten by a child inWithin a week after pumping, it should be stored in the refrigerator. This is due to the fact that in the cooled product immune factors are better preserved. If the product is stored for more than 8 days, it should be frozen.

How much breast milk can be stored?

The shelf life of the product depends on the temperature of its content. How long can milk be without a refrigerator? At room temperature, it is recommended to store the product for no more than 10 hours.

How long can I keep food for the baby in the fridge? At temperatures from 0 to 4 degrees - up to 8 days. In this case, it is necessary to place the container in the refrigerator not on the door, but on the shelves closer to the wall.

How much can the expressed milk be stored inFreezer? In a separate cell - for 6 months. If the freezer is located inside the refrigerator, then the product can be stored for no longer than two months.

How much breast-expressed milk retains itsProperties maximally? The milk is stored for the longest time in a separate, closed freezer with low temperatures. In such conditions, the product can be up to a year. As a rule, no one keeps it for so long. In addition, the most useful and suitable child is a fresh product.

How to feed expressed milk from a bottle?

Feeding expressed milk from a bottle practically does not differ from breastfeeding in terms of the amount of food eaten by the child and the frequency of meals.

Before you carry out the baby's feedingExpressed in advance milk, it should be thawed. To do this, it must be cooled in the refrigerator, so that there are no sharp changes in temperature. How to warm up the expressed breast milk so that it retains all its properties?

Warm up food for the baby is necessary under the jetWarm water or in a water bath to a temperature of 36-37 degrees. Do not boil the product, because it will become less useful. Do not heat it in a microwave oven.

Features of expressing and storing breast milkFeeding the baby with the expressed secret of dairyGlands is produced in the same way as mixtures. Because breast milk is absorbed by the baby faster than the mixture, bottle feeding should be frequent. You can give food to crumbs every two to three hours in the afternoon, and twice a night.

Despite the fact that feeding from a bottle is lessLike the baby than breastfeeding, mother's milk brings much more benefits than the mixture. And that the baby felt warmth and mother's care and when eating food from a bottle, it is necessary to provide skin contact. It will be useful for the baby to feel the warmth of her mother's body while eating.

Feeding from a bottle is, in a sense, even more convenient than breastfeeding, since it is so easy to follow how much the baby eats.

If you can not get breastfeeding, do not hurry to switch to the mixture, try to decant, because breast milk is much more valuable and useful for the baby!

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