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The first utensils for baby


We choose bottles for newborns: a detailed review of forms, materials and nipples. How to ensure your child's safety by selecting the first dishes?

In your family there was a major miracle and a triumph - a baby was born. Of course, you were completely ready for this, re-read a pile of books on the care of newborns, studied all its aspects from "A" before "I". Now you can easily swaddle your child, put on a body or change a diaper. But what to do, if something happened that you did not plan before the first meal - the need to nurse the baby from the bottle?

What do you need to know when buying a bottle?

The first utensils for babyUnfortunately, not every young mother can boast of an impeccable flow of lactation. Many people do not have milk at all. And if such a disaster happened to you - do not despair!

It is better to look for a baby bottle for artificial feeding and purchase quality mixes.

In addition, any child will need a bottleFor complementary foods, and from six months each baby drinks through it compotes, weak teas and water. Perhaps you will also have to express the milk in this same container, so it is obvious - it is worth choosing the most carefully and responsibly to choose it.

Bottles for newborns are presented inModern stores in a wide range. Therefore, you need to determine in advance the shape, size and material of the container, in order to know exactly what to ask the seller.

The first, and the main criterion of choice - convenience. The dishes should certainly be convenient for you and for the baby. Even if the capacity you have chosen is stunningly beautiful, but has an inconvenient shape or size - its acquisition will be useless.

As for volume, for a newborn is betterBuy a capacity of 100-150 ml. Large bottles of 200 ml are suitable for older children. Let's see in more detail which dishes will be optimal for your baby.

Basic rules in choosing a bottle

If you expect a first child, or make a gift, and do not understand the first child's dishes, try to follow certain rules in choosing:

  • Convenience and safety are the key aspects that should be followed when buying a baby bottle;
  • It is desirable that the material is present scale for grams and milliliters;
  • The scale should be embossed, not drawn. In the process of active use, the paint can be erased, which will give you some discomfort;
  • Some manufacturers equip bottles with a thermal sensor. When the mixture is heated to the required level, a visual signal "OK". This is very convenient for those who have found the happiness of motherhood for the first time, and do not yet have enough experience to warm up the food to the necessary temperature without additional prompts;
  • Give preference to modern dishes withAnti-skeleton protection: such bottles protect the child from ingestion of air during feeding, and therefore, provide prevention of intestinal colic and regurgitation. Imagine - even the dishes can become the guarantor of calmness and healthy state of health of the newborn;
  • It is necessary to take care of further feeding of the baby in advance. Improved containers are equipped with a removable handle, which will become necessary when the child learns to drink alone;
  • Pay attention to the container that you will be comfortable to wash. Usually it is characterized by a strict straight shape and a wide neck;
  • As for washing, you will need a specialA brush that is often sold complete with a bottle. If it is not, ask the consultant to help you pick it up based on the parameters of the purchased dishes;
  • Abandon the tanks, full of various bulges and hard-to-reach places. Remember: a clean bottle is a kind of guarantee of the health of a crumb;
  • The most acceptable is the purchase of a product fromFamous brand. So you can get acquainted with all the advantages and disadvantages in advance, in addition, you will be assured of the quality provided by regular certification. You can also easily select "Accessories"To the first vessel;
  • Artificial animals will not have a single bottle! The minimum arsenal is 4 large (200-250 ml), and 3 small (100-150 ml).

Determine the shape and material

What kind of bottle is best for a newborn?

  • The first utensils for babyWe have already mentioned the convenience, so once again we stress: the shape must be streamlined and have a slight relief for the hand;
  • Do not pursue perfection of design and originality: try to pick up a bottle, which you will be convenient to wash from the remains of food;
  • Pay attention to the neck: it should be wide enough so that the ruffle can enter it unhindered, as well as the mixture is poured in without loss;
  • The cylindrical shape is most acceptable. You can choose slightly bent in the middle of the container.

Are all the bottles the same?

All dishes for babies are classified asGlass and plastic. Glass containers are considered to be the most safe and tested. They are easy to clean, they are excellent wear and tear, they do not emit harmful substances and toxins, for example, known to many mothers, bisphenol A.

But this material also has its drawbacks. Glass bottles are quite heavy in weight, so when the child starts to keep the dishes alone, he can drop it, break it and get hurt. The same can occur when sterilizing the container. Therefore, a practical glass bottle is not exactly called.

Most containers are now made fromHigh-quality plastic. Plastic dishes are easy, it is convenient to wash and sterilize. However, it is hard to tolerate wear: over time, the container appears microcracks, and the bottle itself becomes turbid.

The same cracks create a favorable environment forThe vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms that penetrate the digestive tract of the child during feeding. When heated, plastic bottles can synthesize toxic elements. Therefore, leading pediatricians recommend changing these containers as often as possible.

Polypropylene bottles are excellent, andThe only worthy alternative to glass analogs, absorbing all the advantages of the second. They are also easy to clean and sterilize, when heated, they do not produce harmful substances, there are no scratches on their walls that create beneficial conditions for the multiplication of bacteria.

At the same time, they are as light as plastic ones. Their only drawback is some turbidity, which, incidentally, is not worth worrying about: such are the features of the material.

Picking up the nipple

We figured out which bottle is best for your newborn, but did not take into account the main thing - the nipples. Because it touches the oral cavity of your baby, and is also the main "Lactating"Element of the dishes, it should be approached to her choice no less carefully.

Silicone nipples have a major advantage -Hypoallergenicity. But this advantage is accompanied by a number of shortcomings. Firstly, the baby will easily crush such a nipple, as soon as his teeth appear.

In the process, he can swallow a piece of silicone without hindrance. The nipples from this material are rather rigid, and can cause deformity of baby teeth of the baby.

Silicone nipples are durable, durable, do not taste and smell. But they can cause some harm to the baby, so feeding with their help should take place under your clear control.

Latex nipples are more malleable, soft andAre plastic. They are made of natural materials. However, in the modern world there is a huge number of children suffering from allergy to latex, which must certainly be taken into account when selecting the main element of the dishes.

Latex nipples will have to be changed frequently, as they can darken and become covered with cracks due to frequent sterilization.

The first utensils for babyThe shape of the nipple can be round and cut. The round perfectly imitates the mother's breast, and this is to the liking of the child. If you only feed, and did not complete the lactation completely, choose a pacifier of exactly this form.

A nipple with a cut angle has a beneficial effect onTaste buds of the baby, but does not sound like a female nipple. It is difficult to advise here, because everything depends on your individual needs and preferences. There are nipples with different flow and number of holes.

Large holes can provoke ingestion of air, in addition, the baby can "Choke"With milk. And for small holes characterized by a slow supply of food: your baby will have to work hard, mining it.

We have figured out which bottles are betterJust buy a newborn. We hope that thanks to our advice, you will make the right choice, and you do not have to spend money for nothing. Let your baby be the most healthy and happy!

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