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Beer breastfeeding: useful or not?


Beer breastfeeding is contraindicated. If you really want, you can drink a cup, but make sure that the baby was clean breast milk

Absolutely all doctors agree thatalcohol and breast-feeding is not compatible as incompatible with pregnancy spirits. However, the controversy surrounding this topic does not subside until now, creating rumors and speculation that have no under themselves any bases. Many new mothers find that breastfeeding beer is useful and is not able to harm the baby's health. Is it really?

What is fraught with the use of alcohol a nursing mother

Beer breastfeeding: useful or not?It is no secret that regular consumption of alcoholfraught with health problems, and if you drink it while breastfeeding, it means put at risk and the health of your baby, as alcohol, fusel oils and other harmful elements enter the body crumbs along with breast milk.

Any alcohol that a woman uses inbreastfeeding, it gets into the milk at about the same concentration as in the blood. The kid is applied to the chest up to 10 times per day or more, and it is clear that in this situation he will definitely get some of what his mother drank.

And when you consider that until the kid three executionmonths of his intestines are not able yet well filter harmful substances, alcohol from his system appears twice as slow. According to studies, even a non-alcoholic product can cause a delay in infants in the psycho-motor development.

In addition, the use of any beer in breastfeeding makes baby sleep disturbances and changes in blood sugar levels. Contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding is not only not increased, but on the contrary, there is a violation of the outflow of the nutrient liquid, and the crumb gets her less than usual when the mother does not drink alcohol.

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Many mothers bind the strong rush of milkbeer drinking. However, a similar effect can be observed from the use of any hot drink, whether it is tea or a special gathering to enhance lactation. Exposure to hot temperatures and massage also causes the above effect and it's in the active development of the hormone oxytocin - the hormone of pleasure.

If the mother gets great pleasure fromuse fresh foaming beverage, the concentration of the hormone oxytocin in her blood increases. The mammary glands begin to surge sharply milk, and this is not surprising, it is well known that alcohol dilates blood vessels and relaxes their walls, including the walls of the milk ducts.

But it works only the first glasshot drink or non-alcoholic beer while breastfeeding. All subsequent cups will cause the opposite effect: ethanol product will block the release of the nutrient liquid, because under its influence oxytocin levels in the blood will decrease.

My mother, who drank any beer when breastfeeding, will think that her breasts full of milk, but her baby will begin to be applied more frequently to her and get a lot less nutritious liquid than usual.

Beer breastfeeding: useful or not?

This is due to the inability of the mammary glandscarry out its functions at 100%: it is difficult to breastfeed your baby, he is forced to exert tremendous efforts to eat a little and as a result gets tired easily.

Mom will think that he is fast asleep, becausegood food, but in fact he was just tired, and received a dose of alcohol has on him a sedative effect. That's why mothers who abuse alcohol and suffering from alcohol dependence, children are inhibited, they are lagging behind their peers and poor weight gain.

An alternative to beer

If the mother feels a burning desire to drink any beer while breastfeeding, it should first of all think about, whether it is the health of her child?

Yes, the drink a pleasant bread smell, in addition, it contains useful for the organism, and vitamins, but they easily get in and out of safer products.

The harm of alcohol commensurate with its use and if the nursing mother pulls on the beer, it is necessary to increase the share in the diet of vegetables, bran, meat, wholemeal bread and dairy products.

Talk with your doctor, and may beHe will decide on the advisability of taking brewer's yeast and special vitamin supplements, in which vitamins D and group will be increased V.

How to use

Yes, alcohol harm caused by feeding the bodywomen is huge, but you can get out of the situation. If to be any grand event and do not want to sit on it a black sheep, be careful with that your kid was pure breast milk. Decant i.e. it simply, and in a dosage which is not enough for one, two and feeding.

Beer breastfeeding: useful or not?It is not recommended to breastfeed for 12-24hours after drinking alcohol, so whatever you can afford - a small glass of regular beer or half a liter of soft drink. In the latter case, you will be able to feed the baby after only 1.5-2 hours after the feast, and not be afraid that it will affect his state of health.

However, such experiments on themselves and theira child should not be held before the execution of the age of 3 months. And if, after a few sips of beer, the mother feels the intoxication, it should abandon its further use, so it can be dangerous for her remains.

Stay healthy and enjoy motherhood. Remember, this process is not very durable and very soon you will be able to return to the familiar life and eating habits.

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