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How to identify appendicitis in a child?


The symptoms of appendicitis in children. Complications inflammation of the appendix. Surgery to remove. Complications after surgery. Diet after the removal of the appendix. How to determine the child's appendicitis

Very often parents confuse Signs of appendicitis in children With such phenomena as overeating, gases, poisoning and similar problems with the digestive tract. For some reason, many people think that the appearance of appendicitis in a baby is impossible.

How to identify appendicitis in a child?But you can see the reverse picture, when any pains in the abdomen of the parents are perceived as a symptom of an appendix inflammation - a vermiform appendix of the rectum.

Inflammation of this organ is called appendicitis. It is worth noting that physicians still have not exactly established what it is intended for. But one thing is certain - without proper treatment, the inflamed appendix can burst. Such complications lead to prolonged hospitalization, unpleasant consequences, including intestinal obstruction and infections in the abdominal cavity.

Symptoms of appendicitis in children

Even an experienced doctor can not determine from the firstTimes that the problem is in the appendix. At an early stage of the disease, symptoms are difficult to diagnose, especially in infants, who can not tell about their feelings. Kids can not always point to the belly and say that it is from there that pain comes from.

Other symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, fever are also observed in many other diseases. In addition, not all of them are manifested during inflammation.

How to determine appendicitis that occurs in a child

The appendix is ​​also called a rudimentary process andDo not pay attention to it, since it does not have certain functions. But as soon as it causes anxiety, it is worth to see a doctor. Inflammation begins at a time when a piece of food that does not digest gets into the intestine and clogs the process.

Bacteria that are present throughout the intestine,Appear inside the locked space and as a result the process is inflamed. The main function of the intestine is to push food through the digestive tract, but pathology prevents its normal functioning. That's why there is vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.

In the beginning of pain with appendicitis arising fromChildren, are felt throughout the stomach, and not localized in a separate area, but after 12-24 hours there is an obstruction of the right part from below. Painful sensations become stronger over time, allowing the doctor to recognize the disease more quickly.

Appendicitis in children can be complicated by the rupture of the appendix wall due to an untimely call to the doctor. Through a rupture in the sterile till this moment the abdominal cavity gets feces, mucus, bacteria.

There, these substances and organisms provoke the development of infection. The rupture can occur a few hours after obstruction, but this can happen in a few days or even not at all.

The most highly accurate method of diagnosing pathology is ultrasound.

How to identify appendicitis in a child?Approximately 7-10% of babies who enter theThe medical institution with abdominal pain does indeed show appendicitis. Therefore, not all send to ultrasound. Initially, the doctor conducts an examination, appoints blood and urine tests to confirm or disprove the inflammation.

Acute appendicitis in children is treated bySurgical intervention - removal of the inflamed appendix. This procedure is quite simple, and the postoperative period is not particularly complicated. If there is no rupture of the wall, the small patient will be in the hospital for up to 8 days.

But when there was a peritonitis (rupture), operationBecomes an order of magnitude more difficult, because it is necessary to clean the entire abdominal cavity from the substances that have entered it. The postoperative period in this situation lasts longer, because it is necessary to take antibiotics.

Possible complications

In medicine, removal of the process is carried out in two ways. Both are under general anesthesia and last from 30 to 60 minutes.

Traditional open surgery involves a cut in the lower right side of the abdomen. The method of laparoscopy allows you to remove the appendix through a tiny incision.

After surgery, in rare cases, there areComplications. Approximately 5% of patients have intestinal obstruction. 15-20% of children who have been treated with peritonitis develop an abscess, an infectious disease that occurs when pus accumulates in the peritoneum. Treatment involves pumping pus with the help of special tubes and taking antibiotics.

Diet after an operation of appendicitis in children

After the operation, you are not allowed to eat food. During the first 12 hours it is allowed only to moisten the lips with water, then drink on the throat until the intestine resumes its work. If the doctor allows, then in the first day you can give clear liquids, for example, rice broth, fruit sweet jelly, tea, chicken broth.

The diet implies a split meal. Feed your baby in small portions 5-6 times a day. At the same time, the products that promote gas formation and inflammation of the joint area are excluded from the diet: milk, legumes, foods with high amounts of fiber, spices, sour, spicy, too salty and fried. The food should be mush, in the form of puree or jelly, necessarily warm.

The most preferred dishes for the child are: chicken low-fat broth, natural yogurt, boiled chicken puree, rice on water, potato, squash or pumpkin puree.

Sometimes doctors allow you to eat a few foods rich in fiber, for example, baked apples, boiled carrots and the like.

To normalize the stool 3 days afterOperations can expand the limited menu, adding porridge on the water, boiled for a couple of fruits and berries, dried fruits, cream soups and vegetables, a little butter, low-fat dairy products and the same meat and fish. An adult should thoroughly chew food, but since the baby can not do this, it is better to cook everything in the form of puree or paste.

Do not forget about the water. You can drink half an hour before the meal and 1 after it.

The diet should be observed for three weeks after the operation. Then you can transfer the child to the usual diet, if the supervising doctor does not advise other options.

After discharge for a baby, they watch at least another week. Make sure that fever and fever do not rise. In case of such symptoms, you should immediately go to the hospital.

How to identify the disease?

Acute appendicitis can be accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the right lower corner of the abdomen lasting more than 24 hours;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Inability to jump, go in the car, cough;
  • Difficulty while walking;
  • You need to put the crumb on your back, bend his legs inKnees, then press your fingers in the lower right corner of the abdomen and drop sharply. Pain during release with appendicitis is much stronger than when you press.

The causes of appendicitis, which occurs in children

How to identify appendicitis in a child?Causes of inflammation may be formed orCaught in the lumen of the process coprolits (fecal stones), parasites, foreign bodies. The cause may be hyperplasia of lymphoid follicles (in infants), inflammation of stricture, as well as congenital anomalies, for example, torsion or bending.

Doctors say that there is a connection between the occurrence of appendicitis and measles, otitis media, acute respiratory viral infections, sinusitis and follicular angina.

There are a number of infectious diseases thatThey themselves provoke an inflammation of the appendix, therefore the reasons can hide in such pathologies as, for example, yersiniosis, amebiasis, typhoid fever, tuberculosis.

Provoking and predisposing factors are: overeating, constipation, dysbiosis, helminthiases, gastroenteritis.

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