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The girl's synechia: what they are


Why do the synagogues arise? What symptoms are they characterized? Methods of treatment of the disease. Complications and prevention of pathology

Synechia - quite common amongGirls phenomenon. This pathology is a fusion of the labia minora, but in rare cases, spikes are possible between small and large. This complication can be both congenital and acquired.

The girl's synechia: what they areIn addition, the synechia is complete whenThe urethra is closed, and partial, when only the entrance to the vagina is closed. This diagnosis is especially often given to children aged 1 to 3 years and from 8 to 10.

Causes of the appearance of synechia in girls

Excessive or insufficient intimate hygieneOften causes the appearance of the disease. In the first case, problems with the genitals arise because the parents are too clean and wash the child several times a day and at the same time constantly use soap.

In small children, the mucosa of the vulva is very thin and sensitive, so when exposed to soap, often rubbing with a washcloth, it easily traumatizes. The same applies to too tight clothes.

As a result, wounds are formed, which gently coalesce the labia minora. Thus, there are synechia in children. However, with insufficient hygiene, this phenomenon occurs as often.

The cause of the disease can be infectionsUrinary system. In some cases, the cause is precisely the infection that has got into the urinary tract. Accordingly, pathogenic microorganisms extend to the vulva region. They affect the delicate mucous membrane, lead to inflammation and fusion of the lips.

In the case of infection of the genitalia of the synechiaeGirls are formed on the advanced stage of the disease, for example, with vulvovaginitis. Many sexually transmitted infections are transmitted by the household way. Very often the source of infection is the parents. In addition, infection can occur during childbirth.

Use of someone else's sponge, towels and other personal care products should not be excluded, because such microbes reproduce very well in a humid environment. Natural water bodies also pose a threat.

Among other reasons for the development of synechia, the most common are the following:

  • Allergic diseases. Usually, negative reactions in the form of rashes appear on the skin, but in some cases, the mucous membranes are affected. Parents of allergic children should pay attention to the redness of the vulva, especially if the child is suffering from exudative diathesis;
  • Complications during pregnancy. In practice, it has been proven that girls with maternal difficulties during pregnancy, for example, have suffered an intrauterine infection or severe toxicosis, the synechiae are formed more often. In such cases, the parents must show the baby to the gynecologist as soon as she is one year old;
  • Lack of estrogen hormones;
  • Rapid regeneration of tissues;
  • Elevated levels of poles;
  • Dysbacteriosis.

Do not underestimate this pathology, itIt is very dangerous and fraught with serious complications. First, the acute course of the disease can easily pass into the chronic, as it is capable of rapid progression.

Secondly, the sexual organs, like the child himself,Grow and in the presence of sinesh form wrongly. As a result, deformation of the perineum leads to a violation of the childbearing function (miscarriage, frequent threats of interruption, miscarriages, infertility).

In addition, under the film, vaginal secretions are constantly collected, which are an ideal medium for the propagation of pathogenic microflora.

Symptoms of emerging synechia in girls

The girl's synechia: what they areAt the first suspicions it is necessary to address toTo the doctor-gynecologist. Usually, during the hygiene procedures, the mother discovers splicing. If you push the large labia lips, the small ones will remain stuck together. As mentioned above, splicing large and small is also possible.

To the doctor should be addressed and in the event thatThe girl has difficulty urinating. If the urinary canal is blocked, the child will push, quibble, cry. When each urge to the toilet will be accompanied by such phenomena, it is not worth writing off this on the child's reluctance to accustom himself to the pot.

You should be alerted as rashes, redness, scaling and discharge.


The doctor, if suspected of a synechia, conducts an examination. Then he takes smears, as well as sowing on the detection of pathogenic flora with the definition of sensitivity to antibiotics. You may need to pass tests for hidden infections, for example, chlamydia, candidiasis, trichomoniasis, gardnerellez, mycoplasmosis, etc., as well as analysis of feces and urine. In some cases it is necessary to perform ultrasound of the pelvic organs.

Treatment of synechia in girls

Treatment of the disease begins only after the doctor finds out the reasons that triggered the pathology.

In the early stages, eliminating spikes is sufficientjust. To do this, appoint a special ointment based on estrogen, which has a local effect. The drug is applied overnight for a week. If there is no improvement after such measures, then surgical intervention should be resorted to.

Separation of synechia through surgery in girlsUnder local anesthesia. After separation, the doctor prescribes procedures aimed at prompt healing of the wound, for example, calendula ointment or herbal baths.

In some cases, use such ointments asKontraktubeks, Traumel S and Ovestin. They are applied only by fingers, without cotton wool or gauze. They must be used in a complex. For example, after the morning and afternoon sweating, apply a mixture of the first two creams, and in the evening - the third.

If the baby sleeps in diapers, you need to wait until the cream is completely absorbed into the skin and only then prepare it for bed. Treatment with ointments usually lasts 2-4 weeks.

In some cases, the separation is successful, but sometimes there are relapses. In such cases, the cause is usually hidden in allergens.

Also in the package of events is includedAntihelminthic therapy. Its necessity does not depend on the results of the analyzes, because helminthic invasion can be present even with negative results.

Useful will be a variety of trays with herbs calendula, chamomile and sage.

Prevention of the formation of synechia in girls

  • In order not to carry the infection into the genitals, the washings are carried out only from the front to the back;
  • Underwear should not be tight and necessarily made of natural fabrics;
  • At an older age, it is recommended to carry out preventive examinations at a pediatric gynecologist;
  • Do not use hygiene products for every washout;
  • Soap or gel should be child's, that isTo correspond on acidity, without perfumes, deodorants and paints. These rules apply to other means (paper, perfumes and detergents);
  • Regularly conduct self-examination. The first symptoms of the disease are the reason for a visit to a specialist;
  • Lubricate the labia with vegetable oil(Especially almond), in particular it is useful for girls prone to allergies. The procedure is performed twice a day or after each washing, however it is worth consulting with a doctor;
  • To wash the baby better than ordinary running water;
  • Bath foam should only be added before the end of the bath;
  • Children's underwear should be washed separately from an adult. It is desirable to boil it, and before use - iron;
  • Monitor diet, exclude allergens;
  • Do not use antiseptic drugs without the need;
  • To wash with hands, and not washcloths and sponges;
  • Do not abuse diapers, change them regularly to avoid irritation on the skin;
  • Make sure that after urination, there is no urine left on the skin of the perineum and legs.


The girl's synechia: what they areThe synechia is not only a fusionSmall labia, but large and small. Treatment is necessary in all cases, since this phenomenon does not pass without infection. The course of treatment depends on the stage of the disease: operative or conservative.

In some cases, the labia can be dividedAnd an experienced doctor. If symptoms are found, you should immediately contact the doctor. It is worth remembering that pathology is fraught with serious complications. Prevention should be carried out not only to prevent the disease, but also to prevent its recurrence.

Watch for the health of your child and at the slightest manifestation of symptoms, contact a specialist immediately!

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