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What parents should know about the synechia


What is a synechia? What are the reasons for their appearance? Effective methods of diagnosis and treatment of the disease. When is it necessary to separate spikes? Prevention of the formation of synechia

Such a phenomenon as synechia is known not only to the mothers of little girls. Splicing adjacent organs quite often occurs in the opposite sex.

What parents should know about the synechiaThe sinuses of the prepuce formed atBoys, are spikes that connect the head of the penis and actually the very foreskin. However, if this phenomenon can be absent in girls, almost all boys after birth have small and very subtle spikes, that is, congenital synechia, which will separate as the baby grows.

Self-dilution occurs with the help ofEnzymes that secrete the sebaceous gland of the prepuce. This is also facilitated by spontaneous erections. By the age of 3 years, 70% of toddlers have no adhesions, and in 17 years only 3% of young men have no adhesions.

Sometimes there is a so-called physiologicalPhimosis - scar tissue, formed as a result of mechanical damage. This phenomenon is very common in newborn babies and in most cases does not require treatment, as it passes by itself.

Girls, unlike boys, haveThe synechia of the small and large labia is always a pathology. Sometimes conservative treatment is possible, in other cases - operative. But it may also be that the spikes in both sexes will dissolve on their own. But if this phenomenon causes inconvenience, it is always worthwhile to show the child to the doctor.

Symptoms of synechia

The pathology reveals itself as follows:

  • Inability to expose the head of the penis, it can be completely or partially;
  • Itching;
  • Inflammatory processes (redness, swelling);
  • Discomfort during urination (crying, capriciousness, etc.).

If the presence of adhesions is not accompanied by the above symptoms, then the parents may not worry. Usually the boys' sinuxes are very thin and do not cause painful sensations.

Sometimes the head, if it is not fully open,Inflammation, so the child may experience soreness. The cause of inflammation is usually smegma (natural lubricant cheesy consistency), which is collected in large quantities under the foreskin. While the lubricant itself is sterile, infection can enter it, for example, during the separation of the spike, and cause such a negative effect.

In this case, the penis of the baby blushes and swells,Urination accompanied by soreness, sometimes there are liquid discharge, similar to pus. This inflammation in medicine is called balanoposthitis and it requires mandatory elimination.

Diagnosis and treatment of sinful sinusitis in boys

Any surgeon or urologist can identify the synechiaeRoutine inspection. In the overwhelming majority of cases, this phenomenon passes on its own without the intervention of doctors and parents. But pronounced syngeia, in which all the foreskin is connected to the head of the penis, require compulsory treatment. The same applies to the presence of balanoposthitis.

Breeding synechia in boys is necessary in the case when soldering interfere with the natural process of urination, with cicatricial phimosis and if the head does not open after reaching the child 12 years.

What parents should know about the synechiaIt is recommended to release the head fromAdhesions at the age of 6-7 years, as in older boys the hormonal background begins to change, therefore the risk of development of inflammatory processes increases. The operation is performed in a hospital under local anesthesia.

However, before removing spikes,Preoperative preparation. It includes such activities as physiotherapy, massage, ointment applications. Thanks to such procedures, the separation of adhesions is less traumatic and more qualitative.

The operation itself is a one-timeSeparation of the synechiae of the penis and the foreskin. A special probe can be used or the expert will only work with his hands. After surgical intervention, the hygiene of the genitals must be observed to prevent inflammation and relapse of the disease.

In order to prevent, to preventRe-formation of adhesions, it is recommended to treat separated sites with special ointment for 10 days. Such a measure can prevent neoplasm, while the tissues have damaged areas.

Principles of treatment in both sexes are almost identical. The methods are also identical. How the breeding of the labia minora and the foreskin depends on the degree of the disease, the causes that provoked it, the severity of the symptoms and the age of the children.

Prevention of splicing

To avoid the development of inflammatory processes,It is necessary to wash the baby daily under running water. Do this carefully, avoiding water entering the preputial sac. Do not strip the head yourself, especially if it causes difficulties. Since the prepuce has a large number of nerve endings, such manipulations can cause pain or pinch the head.

Parents need to regularly change diapers,Maximum once every 6 hours, but it is desirable more often, arrange a baby bath every half hour-hour. This procedure is an excellent measure against inflammatory processes and irritations on the genitals. In the hot season it is better to stop using diapers to prevent overheating of the genitals.

The baby's linen must be completely natural. It is recommended that the child wear cotton clothes. Be sure to make sure that the boy's genitals are not compressed and not overtaken by underwear.

Important for private hygienic care during the periodOf infancy. It consists in daily bathing and washing after bowel movement. At least once a week, you should use baby soap or gel. It should pay much attention to the choice of hygiene products, they should be without perfumes, paint, deodorants, with neutral acidity.

Bactericidal agents (killing microbes)Daily use is not recommended, as with frequent use they disrupt the balance of the microbial environment on the skin. When washing the penis, the removal of the prepuce is not necessary. If such a measure is recommended by a doctor, then they do it extremely accurately.

When to call a doctor

What parents should know about the synechiaAt an early age, there are almost all synechiaBoys, and they are a normal physiological condition. Inflammation of the glans penis and foreskin is not always an excuse for removing adhesions. With timely access to a doctor, you can cure irritation even at home. At an early age, the sinews of the foreskin are not removed.

Need for surgical interventionArises only in the event that there are recurrent inflammatory phenomena. It is worth remembering that the momentary rupture is a painful and unpleasant procedure, therefore it should be done only by an experienced doctor and necessarily with full local anesthesia. After the spikes are removed, it is necessary to carry out a treatment to prevent their reappearance.

Carefully monitor your child's health and well-being and if any signs of pathology are found - contact a specialist immediately for advice! Health to you and your children!

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