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Adapted milk formula: artificial feeding infants


Adapted milk formula designed to provide your baby the first year of life with everything necessary for normal growth and development. Can be fermented milk and fresh

Every mom wants to give her child everythingThe best and does everything to prolong breastfeeding as long as possible. But it happens that already from birth the baby needs to be transferred to artificial feeding and begin to feed it with a special diet that includes adapted milk formulas.

Highly adapted product

Adapted milk formula: artificial feeding infantsTo choose a mixture for your crumbs you need to approachAll responsibility, especially those parents who have a baby with allergies, GI disorders and other ailments. Experiments here are at least irrelevant, because for the health of the baby nutrition is of great importance.

There is nothing better for a mother's milk baby, after allIt is able to provide it with all the important nutrients, minerals and vitamins, so the main task is to choose a product whose formula would be as close as possible to the formula of breast milk.

The classification of dairy adapted mixtures is such that today a highly adapted, less adapted and partially adapted product can be found on sale.

Highly adapted or "Primary"Mixtures on all their components are maximally intensified to the composition of human milk. The role of proteins here is played by their serum analogues, which the child's body most fully absorbs.

In an ideal ratio are such minerals,As potassium and phosphorus, which are required by the body for the mineralization of bone tissue. Most of these compounds are enriched with taurine, a substance present in breast milk and absent in cow's milk.

Numerous studies have shown that thisFree amino acid has a positive effect on the process of digestion and assimilation of fats in the intestine, as well as the development of gray matter in the brain and retina. Its role in the formation of the bones and muscles of premature infants is extremely high.

Highly adapted milk formulas have in theirComposition and nucleotides are substances that are active from the biological point of view and take part in the maturation of the tissues of the infant, as well as the formation of its immune system. In addition, they have a positive effect on the digestive process.

Such formulations are recommended in nutritionWeakened, premature babies with underweight, since they are able to fully provide it with all the necessary vitamins - A, E, C, D, Group B and minerals - potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, iodine, copper, fluorine and others. The best for today are such products as "NAN","Nutrilon","Nutrilac","Heinz","Hip","Agusha","Nestozhny" and etc.

Adapted and less adapted product

What does the milk adapted mixture mean? This means a mixture designed to feed the crumbs of the first 12 months of life. On such goods usually write the figure "1"And additionally indicate the age of the child, for example,"Nutrilac 0-6". The less adapted dry milk formula of the baby is fed, starting from 5-6 months of age.

Adapted milk formula: artificial feeding infantsSuch formulations are produced on a casein basis andDo not add whey proteins to them. Casein is formed with the curdling of milk and it is this product that makes the mixture more viscous, which is especially important for infants, often plentifully regurgitating food.

Subsequent adapted infant formulaAre also rich in all the necessary babies of the second 6 months of life with mineral salts, vitamins and trace elements. In such formulations the content of iron is increased, since from the age of 4 months its reserves in the body of the baby begin to be depleted.

For the same reasons, products with the figure "2"On the bank have more zinc, copper and other minerals. Among the following products, the same "NAN","Nutrilon","Baby","Nutrilac","Hip","Baby","Humanu","Nestozhny" and etc.

Partially adapted product

To partially adapted milk mixes costsGo over when the child reaches the age of 4-6 months. They, as well as less adapted foods, can have casein or whey protein in the composition, but they only repeat the formula of women's milk in part.

Manufacturers also produce such mixtures for newborns marked with a can or box "0-12", As well as children after the year marked"3". This group of products includes "Baby","Sun","Kid","Detolact" and etc.

What other food can be for children

On sale you can find both dry and liquidAdapted milk formula. The second, of course, has its own advantages and in a number of cases, doctors recommend feeding the baby with such compounds, but in shops they are rare, since they have a short shelf life, and they are expensive. Among them, you can name such brands as "Agusha","The Thutls"And"Baby".

The following species: fresh and sour-milk compounds. The sour milk product is subjected to industrial bacterial fermentation and enriched with acids. The protein in them has a curdled state, and this provides for easier assimilation.

Adapted milk formula: artificial feeding infantsThe process of their evacuation from the stomach is slowed down,Resulting in increased secretion of the gastrointestinal tract and faster digestion and assimilation of food in the intestine. In the intestine, which I call thick, this mixture shows antibiotic activity against pathogenic microflora, ensuring the formation of a normal biocenosis of the intestine.

Sour-milk compounds activate secretionPancreas and enzymes in the intestine, increase the secretion of bile, which provides better digestion of food. In the arsenal of their action, the normalization of metabolism, stimulation of hematopoiesis, increased immunity.

Such compounds are recommended to feed children with intestinal disorders, dysbacteriosis, allergic diathesis, manifestations of hypotrophy and prematurity.

Depending on the baby's need and the ailments available to him, the doctor can recommend parents to mix fresh and sour-milk compounds.

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