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Why does the newborn skin peel


The reasons why the newborn skin is flaky on the head and on the body. How to properly nurse the skin of a newborn, our recommendations

Young parents are incredibly anxious and carefulRelate to everything that relates to the newborn. The baby seems fragile and valuable to them, like an old Chinese vase of the Ming era, and therefore it's terrible even for him to breathe.

Why does the newborn skin peelAnd if you just sneeze a crumb or on a delicate skinAppear a small speck as the parents cover a panic attack. What can I say, when a child who does not have a month, begins to peel skin on his head or all over his body.

Why does the newborn skin get scaly?

Before birth, the child's body is covered with a naturalBactericidal grease, which protects the skin from maceration. After birth, a part of the lubricant is washed off, the part is absorbed, and the skin remains one on one with a new unfamiliar environment, and that, because of poor hydration, can be quite aggressive.

If the peeling occurs in the first week of life,Then, most likely, the reason is inadequate moisture and eventually it will pass by itself. But it happens that the peeling does not go away, but, on the contrary, it becomes stronger. Then it is worth assuming that the baby is prone to atopic dermatitis.

This genetic disease is transmitted from oneGeneration to another. And the causes of manifestation of the disease in the active stage can be completely different. Perhaps, my mother has introduced bananas into her diet, and maybe a rinsing agent for linen or tap water works on the skin of the crumbs.

If the newborn skin is flaky,The cause can be covered in another disease - seborrheic dermatitis. Despite the name, it is not as terrible as it seems, and it affects most newborns. Usually dermatitis itself goes to one-year age and does not medically be treated. This dermatitis is associated with a surplus of skin fat, which in excess is produced by the sebaceous glands.

What to do with peeling?

Naturally, a caring and loving mother will notCalmly sit, if her crumbs flake skin. And it is right! To ease the condition of the baby, do one or more of the following procedures 1-2 times a day. Use a cotton swab.


  • Lubricate the place of peeling with baby cream or oil, designed strictly for newborns;
  • Sunflower or olive oil boils, and in a warm form, neat movements are rubbed into damaged areas.

What should be the proper skin care for a newborn?

Why does the newborn skin peelIt happens that the skin of the newborn is peeling offBecause of improper care. Therefore, we learn to take care of the baby properly. During the first three months of life, crumbs, immediately after bathing, need to process numerous folds on the child's body with a cotton swab dipped in oil. For each part of the body, a new tampon should be taken. In this way we will save the newborn from the appearance of diaper rash and peeling.

If after the child is three months old and his skin is in order, then you can forget about these manipulations with a calm conscience.

However, this is not all recommendations. If the crumbs scaly skin, then, as already mentioned above, the cause may be its food or environmental factors.

Our recommendations for caring parents

With the birth of a baby it is worth getting accustomed to the composition of the detergent powder. Do not wash children's clothes with a powder that contains chlorine, rinse or strong flavors.

With breast milk, the baby does not get into theOnly nutrients, but also possible allergens. Therefore, nursing mothers should carefully monitor their diet and adhere to a certain diet.

A newborn child may have skin peeling,If the mother drinks whole cow or goat milk, does not deny herself a chocolate or a sweet bun, and also eats products containing preservatives or aromatic additives.

If your baby is on an artificialAnd you gradually begin to introduce vegetables and fruits into your diet, you should remember, many of them are powerful allergens, for example - tomatoes, carrots, citrus fruits, red-colored berries.

Remember that the clothes of the baby, and especially the body, should be made of natural materials, without the addition of synthetics.

When bathing a baby, do not use soap, evenChild. The child still does not have such impurities, which ordinary water could not cope with. If you still want to apply some kind of detergent - it is worth buying a special foam in the pharmacy.

Why does the newborn skin peelSolve the problem with hard chlorinated water. The water filter that is installed on the tap will help you. After bathing, do not wipe the baby, but wrap it in a soft light towel. Probably, there is no need to say that a baby should have his own personal towel, which other family members should not take.

If you have pets, try to exclude any contact of pets with a crumb, including his belongings.

If you notice that the baby's skin does not careTo peel, and this exfoliation only increases or on it appeared micro-cracks, it is better to visit the pediatrician and show him a crumb. And already the doctor must find out the reason why the baby's skin continues to peel off.

And most importantly, remember that the pledge of successful adaptation of infant skin to a new environment for it is exclusively in your hands - the tender and caring hands of loving parents!

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